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Ultrafine grinding mill introduction and maintenancePosted: 2016-01-06

    Ultrafine grinding mill purpose and scope:
    ultrafine grinding mill
    Ultrafine grinding mill is mainly applied to the grinding of a conventional pulverized material, such as kaolin, limestone, calcite, talc, marble, barite, gypsum, iron oxide red, iron oxide green, aluminum hydroxide, pigment, bentonite, clay, carbon black, coal, activated carbon humidity is less than 8%, Mohs hardness of ultra-fine powder processing in non-explosive material 6 or less of.
    Ultrafine grinding mill structural features:
    Ultrafine grinding mill mainly by the host, blowers, ultra-fine analysis machine, the finished product cyclone powder, a bag filter and connecting duct piping and other components, according to user needs can be equipped with elevators, storage silos, control cabinet, to powder , crusher and other auxiliary equipment.
    In Ultrafine grinding mill grinding chamber, roller assembly by hanging on the cross arm shaft roller hanger, roller blade knife hanger with the spindle and the fixed link, the pressure spring by pulling the lever firmly pressed roller bearing chamber The outer end of the boom to the cross arm axis for the support by spring pressure roller grinding ring tightly pressed against the inner peripheral surface, when the motor is rotated by the drive means, mounted on the turret on the shovel blade and grinding synchronous rotation roller, roller in the inner peripheral surface of the ring rolling mill at the same time rotate around its own analysis of machine driven by the motor gearing analysis impeller rotation speed of adjustment of its analysis machine determines the fineness of the powder.
    Ultrafine grinding mill during operation, maintenance and repairs should be noted that the following knowledge:
    First, the host center bearing refueling once every four classes, the blower bearing grease once a month.
    Second, the bearing chamber temperature not exceeding 70 degrees.
    Third, when you replace the roller sleeve, roller bearing and should clean room.
    Fourth, bearing in installation to ensure proper clearance.
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Ultrafine Grinding Mill

Capacity:0.5-30 t/h
Feeding size:≤20mm
Output Size:5-74um/mesh
Info:HGM Series ultrafine grinding mill is the equipment specializing in producing fine and superfine powder of non-inflammable...

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