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How to maintain the grinding millPosted: 2016-02-22

    Spring comes, promise of rain fall. In the south, moist air leaving the earth's increasingly hot weather. In the north, drying and ultraviolet brought obstacle for people to travel. It is the case, the grinding mill machine is also true that uninterrupted production operations in the workshop. It is also in need of rest and maintenance. So today, we will study together with the small series, how to maintain grinding mill.
     grinding mill
    1, clean up the grinding mill. First grinding mill parts are cleaned inside and out, the connection of the body, wear rings, motors, belts, gears, and all should be able to clean up the place clean.
    2, the grinding mill should be noted that the cleaning process found bolts of various joints are complete. Whether loose.
    3, the grinding mill equipment malfunction tabulated, whether old or new illnesses question must be easy to difficult, all excluded.
    4, troubleshooting, need for maintenance on the grinding mill machine, add butter to the lubrication points. At the same time and the amount of lubricant replacement required specification. Gear oil.
    5, good maintenance, the mechanical equipment placed in the hangar.
    6, Grinding mill equipment before each start, you need to check the machine, fuel, spare parts, etc. are missing. Must be promptly replaced filled. A long time out of the machine, there may be a new failure, prior to use to exclude, the job can not be sick.
    Above, if you can always do it, then you can safely grinding mill normal work, to bring you more productive.
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