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How much money of Quartz micro powder grinding mill?Posted: 2015-12-03

    Quartz is a non-metallic mineral resources, its physical and chemical properties are very stable. Quartz has no pollution, with no burning vain, non-toxic no radiation, and other properties. Quartz can be widely used in public buildings and home decoration field, it is a non-radioactive contamination, reusable green, green new construction interior decoration materials.
     micro powder grinding mill
    Quartz stone as a kind of chemical material, sometimes need to be processed into a fine powder, subdivision requirements fineness uniform, no impurities, the yield higher. Quartz is often used milling machining micro powder grinding mill, currently Clirik production micro powder grinding mill has HCH series of ultra-fine ring roller mill, HGM series of ultra-fine vertical milling machine. The two models of stable performance, energy saving, environmental protection, high yield, and thus by the non-metallic mineral powder processing industries alike. Clirik micro powder grinding mill use dynamic and static modular grader, product fineness of 325 mesh -2500mesh in (5μm-40μm) between the regulation. Both micro powder grinding mill drying capacity, simple operation, maintenance is very convenient, customers can save a lot of manpower and resources, stable processing of products quality and easy inspection.
    When using Clirik micro powder grinding mill, grinding materials will be required by the air lock disc feeding device into the center of rotation, the centrifugal force, the material surrounding the disc moves into the grinding roller. In the role of pressure grinding rolls, the material being squeezed, grinding and shearing action was crushed. Meanwhile, the hot-air blowing up from the high-speed air ring evenly around the disc, the material after grinding is blowing air ring at high speed airflow, while the coarser material blown back disc re-grinding, on the other hand to the suspension material drying, powder by hot air into the separator grading, qualified powder along the mill stream, collected by the collecting device down, that is, products, substandard meal again fall under the splitter blade action to the disc, and the new mill feed material together again, so the cycle to complete the whole process of grinding operations.
    Clirik Mining Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., has many years of experience in production according to customer's actual situation to provide customers with complete solutions. Shanghai Clirik in technology innovation and continuous improvement, to produce a variety of crushing, mill equipment, especially Clirik of micro powder grinding mill not only enables customers to lower investment costs, the powder is high, and the vulnerability of loss is low, the finished product fineness, is the best choice quartz milling.
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Capacity:0.5-30 t/h
Feeding size:≤20mm
Output Size:5-74um/mesh
Info:HGM Series ultrafine grinding mill is the equipment specializing in producing fine and superfine powder of non-inflammable...

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