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The reason of Ultrafine grinding mill powder abnormalPosted: 2015-07-20


    Ultrafine grinding mill operations can not avoid the process encountered some unusual circumstances, constitute a powder too thick perhaps too small, even under severe conditions showing no powder blocking representation, summed up the situation of these are regarded as abnormal powder, had these are due Some disadvantages of ultrafine grinding mill itself constituted. Below Clirik summarize the four common condition of powder abnormal.
    ultrafine grinding mill
    1, the lock powder device sealing is not solid. If the ultrafine grinding mill in the milling process, the lock pink seal work has not been done, it would constitute pink suck appearance, perhaps the less constitute no pink powder, so you want to view the pink lock seal, seal level adjustment.
    2, Ultrafine grinding mill machine did not play effect analysis. ultrafine grinding mill profiling machines as powder size analysis products, product specification is not fit, is not it needs sanding again, blade wear in the analysis of severe conditions, would not achieve the effect of grading will constitute the powder is too thick or with too small. This situation, the replacement of a new blade can be handled.
    3, Ultrafine grinding mill fan does not adjust well. ultrafine grinding mill wind turbine if not adjusted, the wind is too large, will constitute abnormal powder mill, the powder will be too rough, the wind is too small, the powder will be too small, not unusual in view of other conditions Under the situation, the fan air flow should be adjusted to correct for the powder particle size.
    4, blade replacement demand Ultrafine grinding mill.people know Ultrafine grinding mill,raymond grinding mill of the blade as the material is scooped up, when the blade is not enough to use for some time and perhaps the quality excellent condition, wear large, the material can not afford to shovel, will constitute not Perhaps a little powder, which needs to replace the new blade.
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