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Grinding mill of pulse bag filler precipitator maintenancePosted: 2015-07-31

    Now a lot of large-scale production-oriented manufacturers are paying more attention to environmental problems in the production process, especially in the mill industry, because the object powder grinding mill processing are generally non-metallic ore materials during processing so inevitably there will be dust pollution problem, which requires the user to purchase powder grinding mill again with a dust removal device to reduce pollution to a minimum.
    Pulse bag filler is a powder grinding mill production process is the most important means of dust, pulse bag filler have to do maintenance work, this dust would be better. So how do the pulse bag filler work?
    Always check the Pulse bag filler first internal air passage is opened and closed to control the cleaning gales. Check the degree of clogging the filter bag and found mild blockage in a timely manner out of dried, tapping block clearer, ensure proper ventilation capacity, to avoid clogging adverse consequences. In addition, the mill can be equipped with water mill, to ensure good atomization, but at least ten minutes before the stop grinding without water, avoid water evaporation lagged adverse effects on the bag.
    There should regularly check the exhaust gas treatment system leakage, the implementation of comprehensive plugging, exhaust system for the grinding of the necessary external insulation. At low temperatures the season opener dust, avoid excessive temperature rise of the material into the ground water, and pay attention to controlling the feed rate.
    Pulse bag filler work status directly affects the environmental issues throughout powder grinidng mill operation process, so in order to reduce pollution, dust must always be in the best working condition, so the majority of users would often on micro powder grinding mill of pulse bag filler maintenance work. Shanghai Clirik specializing in the production of various types of grinding mill and related equipment, the company also produces a DMC pulse bag filter, welcome new and old customers to visit our grinding mill plant.
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