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The reason of powder grinding miill noise generation and elimination methodPosted: 2015-07-14

  • The customer asked us, powder grinding mill work should be how much it is normal, not exceed the standard? As long as 85 is normal. Then the customer asked again, why it sounds much larger than this? Please don't worry, this is the noise exceeded, see the following this article, may be found the answer.


    Do milling equipment, the Mohs hardness of about 7 stone for fine grinding, does not generate sound is impossible, and as the motor of the device itself will produce more than 80 dB. But if it is 80 dB, in fact, but is a noisy Office of the voice, such sounds although noisy, but the human body is harmless. But once the situation, can make powder grinding mill work sound, become a kind of noise pollution.

    1.around the roll, or hold the roll. This is due to the large quantities of material wrapped in the grinding roller and so on the pollution of the ground and not only affects the working efficiency, but also generate noise, let powder grinding mill work unstable.
    The solution is to check the cleaning brush, see if there is a problem, if there is need for replacement, then use the scraper adjustment roller.

    2.grinding roll bearing spacing is not appropriate, generally speaking, bearing clearance is 0.065, 0.090 mm, attached to the roller to adjust clearance to 0.030 - 0.045 mm. If the pitch bearing clearance is too large, the roller in the work, will produce radial runout, resulting in unstable, resulting in noise. For a long time, the life of the mill itself is also an effect.. So always pay attention to adjust the spacing between roller bearings.

    3.The material of the grinding material is not the sieve, and the screen is dry.. Powder screened out timely, make the mill and lost between particles crushed when the buffer, coupled with incoming impure, feeding, milling machine and sometimes issued harsh noise and vibration, serious when still appear around the roll.

    4 teeth and serious wear and tear, this is all devices are prone to old problems, processing method, it is best to to allow customers to achieve timely maintenance. Through the drop oil method, you can check the wear of the stick.. Such as the drop of a drop of oil is appropriate, such as the surface of the gear has been worn, the gear meshing force is not. The solution is to remove the surface and smooth operation.

    After examination after treatment, powder grinding mill will restore the smooth work. We would like to remind customers, powder grinding mill noise is the normal operation of the external manifestation, is an indication that the work is carried out in the normal, must not only think is noise pollution, and do not know the device of wear damage at this time began.

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