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How to solve the problem of impurities in the powder produced by the grinding mill?Posted: 2020-06-08

  • The materials suitable for Ore Grinding Mill are marble, basalt, limestone and perlite, etc. The equipment has a high degree of automation, the operation status is very stable, and there is basically no noise during the production process. Ideal equipment for milling operations. But after a long time, some users reported that their mill equipment has impurities in the powder, and today I will give you some tips to solve this problem.
    HGM micro ore powder grinding mill

    Analysis of Reasons for High Impurity Content of Ore Grinding Mill


    1. Abnormal filter device

    The ore grinding mill with high configuration is equipped with newly developed filter screens at the discharge port. Its main function is to effectively filter impurities and unqualified materials, thereby improving the purity of the equipment. The abnormality of the filter device is generally divided into two cases: one is the damage of the device; the other is that the mesh is too large, which is caused by the mismatch of the model and the attributes of the materials.

    2. Material problems

    If the impurity content of the material itself is high, the purity of the powder will also be reduced. The impurities caused by this factor have nothing to do with the goodness of the equipment itself. Therefore, during the processing of the material, it is necessary for the user to carry out a detailed Analysis and real-time detection of materials are also very necessary.

    3. Motor failure

    There is a close relationship between the operation state of the motor and the equipment. A motor with excellent performance can improve the operation stability and reliability of the equipment, thereby improving the purity of the material. Therefore, there is also a certain connection between the motor and the discharge, so when buying equipment In the process, it is the key to buying good equipment to check the motor.

    4. Cleaning power is not enough

    Cleaning intensity generally refers to the maintenance of the equipment. If the equipment is regularly maintained and maintained, this is also an effective shortcut to improve the purity of the material, especially the reasonable cleaning of the inlet and outlet can not be ignored, if If there are foreign objects in these two parts, then it will inevitably lead to a high content of impurities in the discharge.

    How to deal with the problem of high impurity content of ore grinding mill?

    The above has analyzed the fault phenomenon accurately, so how to solve it? For each situation, we take the right medicine:
    1. In view of the problems that occur in the filter device, we recommend replacing the filter with the same specifications, so that it can be replaced under the guidance of professionals.
    2. If the impurity content of the material is high, the material must be pre-processed, or the material must be repeatedly milled (this method will result in increased energy consumption of the equipment and high user input costs. This is not recommended. Methods).
    3. If the motor is abnormal or malfunctions, it must be systematically inspected and repaired, or lubricated, so as to improve the working performance of the motor, so as to help improve the smooth operation of the equipment.
    4. For the cleaning of the equipment, the user needs to do two things. First, before the equipment is turned on, the foreign objects and waste materials in the gaps must be cleaned up in time; second, after the equipment is shut down, the equipment must be fully cleaned. It can effectively avoid the pollution of external dust.
    Learn the above points, I believe that such problems can be solved. Any other questions about ore powder grinding mill, welcome to inquiry us. Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of mine mills. WhatsApp+8613917147829
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