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Raymond grinding mill for zeolite powder grindingPosted: 2020-05-25

  • Raymond Mill is a kind of advanced equipment that is professionally applied in the non-metallic ore grinding industry and has important application value in the field of zeolite milling. Zeolite Raymond Mill has stable performance, excellent quality and outstanding advantages, and is the preferred equipment for processing high-quality powders of 80-600 mesh. With the gradual vigorous demand for zeolite processing, zeolite Raymond mill has also ushered in a prosperous development trend and is very popular.
    Zeolite Raymond mill

    1. Application status of zeolite

    More than 400 zeolite producing areas have been discovered in China. Common zeolite minerals include clinoptilolite, mordenite, chabazite, etc. The associated minerals include quartz, chalcedony, opal, cristobalite, smectite, kaolinite, feldspar Minerals such as mica and chlorite, as well as crystal chips, glass chips and rock chips. However, due to the short development and utilization time, it is still far from meeting the needs of national economic development. As a supplement to natural zeolites, synthetic zeolites have also developed rapidly in recent years, but synthetic zeolites have complex processes and high costs, and mainly meet high-end applications. With the continuous development of natural zeolite modification technology research, zeolite, as a mineral raw material with multiple uses, has good market development prospects.

    2. Application of Zeolite Raymond Mill

    The processing specifications of zeolite are generally between 100 mesh and 200 mesh, which is relatively easy to process. Zeolite Raymond mill is one of the most popular advanced milling equipment. Customers can choose different models and selection schemes according to their powdering needs to efficiently prepare zeolite powder.  Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd is an advanced manufacturer specializing in the production of zeolite Raymond mill. The Raymond mill produced is a new type of milling equipment, breaking through the traditional R-type milling bottleneck, and all technical indicators are It has been greatly improved, and it has many competitive advantages in output and energy consumption. The output is more than 40% higher than the R-type machine with the same total power, and the unit power consumption cost is saved by more than 30%. It is truly efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
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