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400-800 mesh Carbon black grinding mill machinesPosted: 2019-12-23

  • Carbon black is a light, loose, fine black powder. Carbon black is mainly used in the manufacture of ink, paint, dyes, electricity, gas and other industries. Carbon black can also be used as a reinforcing agent for rubber. It plays an important role in the development of the national economy.

    Carbon black applications

    Large pieces of carbon black need to be grinded into fine powder by using a grinding mill machine. Commonly used carbon black grinding mills include Raymond grinding mill, ultrafine grinding mill and high pressure grinding mill. The fine grinding of carbon black raw materials has a high recovery rate of finished products, which greatly enhances the application value of carbon black.

    What are the 400 ~ 800 mesh carbon black powder grinding mills?

    1. Raymond grinding mill machine

    For users' general processing fineness requirements, Raymond grinding mill machine can meet the fineness of the finished product up to 800 mesh. Raymond mill is composed of analyzer, grinding roller, grinding ring, spring device, blade system, motor, V-belt, etc. It uses the interaction between grinding roller and grinding ring to grind carbon black as the main grinding part. , The wear of the grinding roller and the grinding ring is the largest, so the design, material, and technology of the grinding roller and the grinding ring must be more mature and advanced to ensure a longer life of the whole machine and a finer finished product.

    Raymond grinding mill machine has a vertical structure, a small footprint, simple structure, and cheap operation. The whole machine has a higher level of automation, which can help users save a lot of manual management costs.
    2. Superfine grinding mill machine

    The fineness of the superfine pulverized carbon black is between 425 and 3,250 mesh. The superfine pulverizer belongs to the high-fine pulverizing equipment in the pulverizing field. The whole machine is composed of the host, blower, analyzer, and finished product collector It consists of bag dust collector, connecting duct, etc. The ultra-fine mill can process 1.3-35 tons of carbon black per hour, and the fineness of the finished product is easy to adjust. The high-quality wear-resistant powder pipe is used to connect all key inlets to ensure no dust pollution and finished products Pollution. The finished carbon black processed by the ultrafine milling machine has high grade, uniform fineness and higher economic value.
    3. High pressure grinding mill

    The high pressure grinding mill is an upgrade of Raymond mill. The fineness of the finished product can be adjusted between 80-425 meshes, and the finest can reach 1000 meshes. By adding special devices inside, it can process coarse powders of 30-80 meshes. The high pressure grinding mill has an hourly output of 0.6-52 tons, a high degree of automation, a simplified structure, computer control, real-time control of the milling status, and advanced dust collection devices to ensure that the work shop is clean and free of pollution.  

    400 ~ 800 mesh carbon black grinding process

    For processing large pieces of carbon black to 400-800 mesh carbon black powder, it is not only necessary to configure a pulverizer. If the particle size is too large, a crusher is required. In addition, a bucket elevator and an electromagnetic vibration feeder are required. , Screening machine, powder separator, high-pressure fan, muffler and other auxiliary production devices, large pieces of carbon black raw material must first be crushed to a certain size by a crusher, and then milled by a mill, and the finished product is transported to the finished product warehouse by a conveyor .

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