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China Roller Grinding MillsPosted: 2019-12-17

  • There are three main kinds of China roller grinding mills in mineral grinding industry.Raymond mill is also known as 3/4/5 roller mill. The ultrafine grinding mill generally has three rings and four rings, and the number of grinding rollers ranges from 18 to 44. There are three grinding rollers inside the vertical mill.

    The difference between Raymond mill and vertical mill is that the angle of the roller surface is different from the ground plane. The roller surface of Raymond mill is almost perpendicular to the ground, while the roller surface of vertical mill is horizontal with the ground. The obvious difference between the three types of vertical mill ring roller mills is that the number of mill rollers is different. The number of mill rollers for ring mills is more than ten times that of vertical mills and Raymond mills. The number is as many as 36 and there are many layers.

    The appearance of the vertical mill, ultrafine grinding mill and Raymond mill is the same

    From the appearance of the main machine, the stand of the stand-up grinding ring roller Raymond grinding table is in an upright position. The other grinding machine manufacturers in the industry named the ladder type grinding machine, which is actually the name given from the appearance. Not explained from the internal structure of the mill.

    The difference between Raymond mill and vertical mill

    1. The difference between Raymond mill and vertical mill: Placement method of grinding roller

    The difference between Raymond mill and vertical mill is mainly based on the internal structure to distinguish between the vertical mill and the Raymond mill, but the internal structure is different, so they work slightly differently.

    During operation, the position of the grinding roller of the vertical mill is fixed after adjustment. The grinding roller itself rotates like a pinion without direct contact with the grinding disc. The bottom grinding disc rotates all the time, and the material in the gap between the grinding roll and the grinding disc is rotated. Rolling and grinding. During inspection and maintenance, the grinding roller of the vertical mill can be released through the lever bracket.
    China roller grinding mill Vertical Mill
    Vertical Mill

    Taking the double-roller vertical mill as an example, it can be seen from the figure that the rollers of the vertical mill are placed on the grinding plate like the wheels of a car, and the grinding rollers are connected by a rocker arm, such as a scale, which can be turned out by a force arm. Replace and repair outside the main engine cavity.
    China roller grinding mill Raymond Mill
    Raymond Mill
    The internal structure of the Raymond mill is very different from that of the vertical mill. The spring plum blossom rack of the Raymond mill is equipped with 5 or 6 uniformly distributed grinding rollers. The grinding rollers make a circular movement around the central axis, and the bottom blade is raised. The material is sent between the grinding roller and the side wall grinding ring for grinding. The Raymond mill ring is fixed and it is the side wall of the mill.

    2. The difference between Raymond mill and vertical mill: the fineness interval

    Raymond mill is a traditional mill. Because of its original structure, the fineness of the powder is relatively coarse, usually between 20 mesh and 400 mesh. Some modified Raymond mills can reach 600 mesh. But it is difficult to reach above 1000 mesh. The vertical mill, taking HLMX ultrafine powder vertical mill as an example, can beat ore powder to a fineness of 3 microns.

    3, The difference between ring roller mill and vertical mill Raymond mill
    China roller grinding mill Ultrafine Grinding Mill
    Ultrafine Grinding Mill
    The vertical mill ring roller mill is a non-metal ore powder processing machine that is currently used more frequently. The three mills are more familiar in the milling industry. However, in terms of internal structure, the sharp contrast lies in the number of grinding rollers.

    Ultra-fine roller pressure grinding drives the main shaft to rotate through a transmission device. The upper end of the main shaft is connected to a rotor frame. The frame is equipped with auxiliary shafts. The auxiliary shafts are equipped with up to 36 grinding rollers. When the main shaft rotates, the auxiliary shaft rotates along with it. The grinding wheel on the auxiliary shaft not only revolves around the main shaft, but also rotates around its own auxiliary shaft. The grinding wheel generates strong centrifugal force in the process of revolution and rotation, and a strong grinding action with the stator. The crushed material is driven by the centrifugal force and the rotating force field of the grinding wheel into the grinding area composed of the grinding wheel and the stator. The material is crushed under the action of extrusion force and grinding force. The crushed material falls on the smashing tray, which rotates with the main shaft. It throws the powder into the ring between the stator and the body. It is raised by the negative pressure of the system to the upper classification chamber along the distribution ring. The qualified fine powder enters the collection system through the classification wheel, and the coarse material falls into the crushing chamber along the inner wall of the split ring to be crushed again.

    Ultrafine grinding mill has strong ability and high cost performance, and the fineness of powder is between 325 mesh and 2500 mesh. It is a medium-sized grinding mill with an investment amount that does not reach the non-metal vertical mill, but also wants to have the fineness capability of the vertical mill.

    Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd produces various types of roller grinding mills. Of course, there are quite a few differences. Our sales engineers will communicate with you in detail and explain, and take you to the closer to you. The customers of the grinding mill participated in the site to understand and needed consultation. Please prepare the materials and fineness you want to grind. Contact us WhatsApp: + 86-13917147829.
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