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What is the difference between vertical mill and ball mill?Posted: 2019-10-26

  • In the field of cement and chemical industry, the mill is an indispensable equipment. Among them, the vertical mill and the ball mill are recognized by many fields such as cement by virtue of their superior grinding ability.
    ball mill
    vertical mill
    Vertical Mill
    Vertical mills and ball mills have achieved an upgrade in the fines processing industry with their unique advantages.
    In actual use, there is a big difference between the vertical mill and the ball mill. What are the differences between Clirik and the two products below?

    1. The effect of grinding powder is different.

    It is well known that the ball mill is hand-ground by grinding, and the shape of the spherical shape is more favorable for the raw material calcination and the hardening treatment of the cement. Therefore, the material ground by the ball mill is mainly used for clinker grinding. The brand-name, high-quality vertical mill grinding method is more reasonable, and the vertical mill can adjust the fineness of the product during use, so the particles are more uniform and the chemical composition is more stable, so the consumer can grind different raw materials using the vertical mill, and the effect is more effective. Stable and a wider range of applications.

    2. The operation of vertical mill and ball mill is different.

    The difference between the vertical mill and the ball mill is mainly reflected in the running consumption. The vertical mill has no direct contact between the metals in actual use, so the metal consumption is less, and the wear of the accessories is less and the service life is longer; In addition, the ball mill consumes a large amount of collision friction in order to achieve a good grinding effect. In use, it can also be found that the vertical mill with the best supply and sales can grind and air dry the materials. Under the technical improvement, the integrated equipment reduces the failure rate, thus ensuring the inside use in actual use. Less energy consumption, more in line with the needs of energy conservation and environmental protection.
    The above is the difference between the vertical mill and the ball mill, and the vertical mill allows for a larger grain size in the actual use, so using this brand is good, the high quality vertical grinding equipment can save the need for crushing Expensive electricity. Vertical mill can change the use of different raw materials to make different products in a short period of time, so this product saves more time in actual use, and brings better operation for the efficient operation and development of the enterprise. Help, this is the main reason why consumers choose to grind this product nowadays, and in the development of these two products will inevitably bring better technological breakthroughs to the grinding field with its unique advantages.
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