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Raymond mill installation and commissioningPosted: 2020-07-06

  • Raymond Mill is a very widely used milling equipment. So do you know how to install and debug Raymond Mill? This issue is very important not only for mill suppliers and equipment installation contractors, but also for Raymond mill users. When faced with problems in the operation of Raymond Mill, resulting in production reduction, having this knowledge can help you get rid of the loss as soon as possible, rather than passively waiting for the provider to solve it.
    Raymond mill installation and commissioning

    The installation steps of Raymond Mill are as follows:

    1. First hang the base of the transmission device into the pit and fill it up, pay attention to controlling the height; correct the upper plane with a spirit level, and install the transmission device on the surface and fix it with bolts.
    2. Installation of the host machine: Before installation, rubber shockproof pads should be placed on the contact between the bottom plane of the base and the cement foundation and the connection between the anchor bolts, and then use the frame level to calibrate the base plane.
    3. The location and height of the pipeline device of the Raymond machine should be installed according to the requirements, and it cannot be altered and heightened arbitrarily. The connection of each pipeline should be sealed, and there should be no air leakage after tightening. The electrical equipment should be accurate and reliable, and the test machine should be tested after the installation of each component is completed.

    Commissioning of Raymond mill

    1. The blower should be started with no load, and then loaded after normal operation, and then observe its smooth operation, no abnormal noise and vibration, the maximum temperature of the rolling bearing cannot exceed 70 ℃, and the temperature rise cannot exceed 35 ℃.
    2. No-load operation test machine, before the no-load test machine, the roller device should be rolled firmly with a mesh rope to avoid contact between the roller and the grinding ring. Then the host machine should run the test machine for not less than 1 hour; It should be stable during operation, the oil temperature in the box should not exceed 80℃, and the temperature rise should not exceed 40℃.
    3. The test period of the load operation is not less than 8 hours. After the Raymond mill is working normally, there is no abnormal noise in the whole machine, and there is no air leakage at the connection of each pipe. After the test machine, tighten the fastening bodies again and you can put it into normal operation. use.


    As with other mechanical equipment, its installation and commissioning work is very important, and many issues need to be paid attention to. Let's take a look at the following:
    1. Before installation, the Raymond machine needs to be properly kept: the exposed surface of the machine must be coated with anti-rust grease to prevent the sun from rusting and entering the water, and a good maintenance mechanism must be established;
    2. The mill should be equipped with 2 to 3 tons of lifting tools for the installation and maintenance of the Raymond mill;
    3. The basic factory building should be installed according to the size of the foundation map; sufficient height and installation position should be left; high-standard cement should be used for the foundation and steel bars must be buried; after the foundation is poured, a maintenance period of 15 days is required;
    4. If the Raymond mill is used for more than 6 months, it is necessary to clean and inspect the central axis system, transmission device, grinding roller device, and oil sump of the analysis machine. After the cleaning and inspection, sufficient lubricant should be added to each part.
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