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How to grind illite into 200 mesh powder?Posted: 2020-07-02

  • What are the uses of illite powder? How to grind illite into 200 mesh powder? Illite is a layered silicate mica clay mineral, also known as water muscovite, the main mineral is illite (content up to 90%), followed by quartz, sericite, dickite, kaolin Minerals such as stone, anatase, pyrite and limonite. At present, the main uses of illite are concentrated in ceramics, chemicals, plastics, paper making and agriculture.

    Application of illite powder: illite clay can be used as a new type of ceramic raw material, as a flux for high-temperature resistant cylinders and to absorb cesium on nuclear waste treatment to prevent radiation, and can be used as a filler for cosmetics or plastics. Pure white illite can also replace kaolinite as a paper-making coating, and can also be used to produce spray coating materials and welding electrodes for automobile shells. Illite has a wide range of industrial applications, such as potash fertilizers, advanced paints and fillers, ceramic accessories, advanced cosmetics, soil conditioners, poultry feed additives, skeleton ingredients and cement ingredients for high-rise buildings, pollution purification and environmental protection in the nuclear industry. The trace elements can be used to make the outer coating of the space shuttle. Especially in the three major industries of papermaking, cosmetics and ceramics, illite has great application value. In recent years, many international studies have proved that processed illite has a good bacteriostatic effect, and can adsorb a variety of harmful heavy metals and harmful gases.

    For mill illite mines, which manufacturer can provide a dedicated illite mill production line? The application value of illite is high, and the use of advanced and efficient special mill equipment can help enhance the market competitiveness and application value of illite powder. For the preparation of illite mills, Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd provides environmentally friendly Raymond mill equipment to help achieve efficient production.

    1. What type of milling equipment does the illite milling machine production line use?

    What type of milling equipment does the illite milling machine production line use? According to the production status of illite mines, environmental protection mill manufacturer CLIRIK provides new Raymond mill equipment that can help to grind 80-400 mesh ore powder, so it is an ideal choice for producing 200 mesh illite powder.

    2. What are the advantages and characteristics of Raymond mill equipment for illite mill production line?

    Recently, many customers specifically consulted special illite mill equipment. So, do you know the advantages of such Raymond mill equipment? As a commonly used mill equipment, the environmentally friendly high-pressure Raymond mill is a new type of mill equipment that is updated on the basis of the traditional R-type mill. It can be used to mill illite, marble, limestone, heavy In the mineral powder market such as spar and kaolin, compared with the traditional R-type machine, the production can be increased by more than 40%, and the unit power consumption cost can be saved by more than 30%, so it is favored and loved by illite customers.
    illite mill production line
    Illite mill production line non-metallic ore milling equipment: YGM series high-pressure mill

    Nominal diameter of grinding ring: 1000-1700mm

    Number of grinding rollers: 3-5

    Production capacity: 1-25t/h

    Finished particles: 22-180μm

    Grinding field: For various non-metallic mineral materials with Mohs hardness below 7 and humidity within 6%, this mill is widely used in diabase, coal gangue, wollastonite, graphite, clay, kaolin, Grinding and processing of lime, zircon sand, bentonite, manganese ore and other materials are widely used in the fields of power, metallurgy, cement, chemical industry, non-metallic mineral powdering, food, medicine and other fields.

    Performance characteristics: The pulverizer focuses on non-metallic ore milling and processing, covers a number of patents, the fineness of the finished product can be adjusted between 80-600 mesh, has a small footprint, wide use, strong earthquake resistance, The distinctive features of solid and reliable structure, simple operation, convenient maintenance, stable performance, high efficiency and so on.

    3. How to sell Raymond mill equipment for illite mill production line?

    Want to know the price of Raymond mill equipment in Yili mine? Regarding the price of the mill equipment, you need to first understand the customer's grinding needs. Every customer needs different environments such as fineness of grinding, production capacity, production and installation area, etc., so the selection plan of the mill obtained will be different for different projects. As a professional manufacturer, Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. provides comprehensive pre-sales services, understands customer needs, and tailors selection solutions to match the scientific market value to help illite grinding projects bring greater value.

    Illite powder has a wide range of uses and high utilization value. Customers and friends who mill the illite mine are welcome to come to the factory to visit and inspect the illite powder mill production line case at any time. CLIRIK, as an experienced manufacturer, focuses on customers and customizes exclusive selection Plan to create greater value for your milling project, welcome to the factory to learn more about milling equipment such as Raymond milling equipment, contact information: +86-13917147829
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