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For 100 Mesh Powder Grinding,Which Machine Is Better?Posted: 2018-11-17

  • Generally, stone powder of about 100 mesh can be defined as coarse powder in the milling equipment. Compared to coarse powder, it is easier to process, and a coarse grinding is enough to complete the entire production work. The representative of coarse grinding is Raymond mill. It is one of the widely used stone powder equipments. It is mainly used in stone powder factories, metallurgy, chemical, powerplants, heating and other enterprises. Due to its simple structure, The price is low and the products are very popular among users.

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    Raymond mill's main users process fine powder between 80-300 mesh, so it is more suitable for processing industrial fine powder such as coal and building materials. For example, titanium dioxide, limestone powder, talc powder, gypsum powder, etc. used in paints and coatings, these industries usually have low requirements on the fineness of stone powder, so it is suitable to use Raymond mill. Raymond mill is a kind of vertical mill. It mainly relies on high-pressure suspension rolls to process materials. It can produce fine powder between 80-300 mesh at a time, with low power consumption and low market price.

    Raymond Mill is an early application of ore milling machine. It has been developed since the last century. After years of testing, Raymond Mill is still the best-selling equipment in the mill market, which is super high. Performance and low price are inseparable. In the rough powder processing market, Raymond mill sales are among the best, and it is a rare high-quality ore milling equipment. Our company has more than 15 years of experience in the research and development of Raymond Mill, the product quality is guaranteed, the technical service is thoughtful, welcome customers to come to consult.

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