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How to choose a good bucket elevator?Posted: 2018-11-11

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    As a lifting device for the milling production line, the bucket elevator has been favored by the industry. Today, as the industry's production efficiency increases significantly, the requirements for bucket elevators increase. Therefore, there are many problems to be aware of when purchasing a bucket elevator. Buying a high-quality bucket elevator is not only efficient, but also avoids many problems. Today, Xiaobian tells you about the purchase considerations of the bucket elevator, and hopes to bring you some help in purchasing the bucket elevator.

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    Bucket elevators purchase considerations

    1. What we need to know is whether the manufacturer has the production qualification. Only the enterprises with the qualification for the production of the equipment are qualified to produce the lifting equipment.

    2. What we need to understand is the length of time that an enterprise produces equipment, and the old brand is trustworthy.

    3. The technical level and innovation level of the enterprise also need to be understood. This is mainly manifested by whether there is research and development of new products, whether there is a research and development team, and cooperation with the scientific research structure.

    4. When purchasing, it is necessary to look at the nature of the material. The characteristics of the material include whether the material is abrasive, semi-abrasive, highly abrasive, whether the material has adsorptive and viscous materials. Whether the material is water-containing or not, and whether the material is powder or granular.

    5. Whether the specific gravity of the material is standard or not, and increasing the density of the material is also one of the decisive factors. The customer needs to know the proportion of the material he is upgrading. The material weight of the material needs to be calculated for the traction force and the transmission tensile strength.

    6. To understand the after-sales service of the manufacturer. This is difficult, but we can understand by talking to friends who have purchased the machinery of the manufacturer. The customer's eyes are sharp. If your product is not good after-sales service, customers often encounter problems in the process of using, and also If it is not resolved, then the evaluation of the manufacturer will certainly not be good.

    In addition to the purchase considerations of the above bucket elevators, we must analyze the requirements of our own before the purchase, and choose the bucket elevator equipment suitable for ourselves according to the needs. 

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