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Production Factors of Jaw CrusherPosted: 2016-09-26

  • Jaw Crushing Plant(Equipment), is Jaw crusher for short, mainly used for a variety of medium-grained ore and bulk material crushing. It is divided into coarse and fine breaking. Its feed particle size of 125-750mm, is the primary crushing device of choice. Jaw crusher (broken jaw) is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries.

    According to the structure and working principle of jaw crusher, the factors affecting their production can be divided into the following categories:

    1, the hardness of the material: harder material broken up is more difficult and makes more serious wear and tear on the crusher equipment. Broken slow, of course crushing capacity is small. To solve this problem, first of all, the temperature of material is necessary to be strictly controled. If the temperature of the material selected is too large, You can use sunlight or air-dried way to reduce the percentage of moisture in the material.

    2, the humidity of materials: when the humidity is large, the material is easy to adhere to the crusher content, and blocked. This requires us to moderate in the choice of materials.

    3, the fineness of finished product: Fineness demanded is finer, the crushing capacity is smaller.

    Jaw crusher

    4, the composition of the material: the more powder contained in the material, the easier to grind it.

    5, wear resistance of quick-wear part: Better wear resistance will make greater crushing capacity.

    6, when crusher is on work, if the voltage is too low, the output is also substandard.

    7, when gap of moving jaw and bearing wear is large, bearing ring will do the opposite rotation, which also affects yield.

    8. Check the size of the tooth and the tooth plate pitch. If it does not meet the standard, you need to replace jaw.

    In addition to these factors, operation of the crusher will effect the Production of Jaw Crusher. Continuous average ore crusher is a prerequisite for normal work. So in production, we must follow the correct steps to optimize operational processes, in order to increase crushing efficiency under the same conditions.

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