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Why are the internal parts of the high pressure mill easy to wear?Posted: 2020-08-13

  • Because the output of YGM high-pressure mill is 30% higher than that of ordinary Raymond mill, more customers choose high-pressure mill. So do you know what causes the internal parts of the high-pressure mill to wear out? Generally speaking, some friends who know high-pressure mills know that the internal parts of high-pressure mills are easy to wear, the two major parts of the grinding roller and grinding ring.
    YGM high-pressure mill

    1. Grinding roller and grinding ring

    The grinding roller and grinding ring are the main grinding parts of Raymond grinding equipment. After the grinding roller and grinding ring contact the grinding material, the grinding roller is rolled on the grinding ring under the action of centrifugal force, and the shoveling material is sent to the grinding roller and In the middle of the grinding ring, the material is crushed into powder under the action of the rolling pressure, and then the powdered material is blown up and passed through the analyzer under the action of the fan. The material that meets the required fineness passes through the analyzer, and cannot be returned to the grinding machine. The cavity continues to grind.

    Therefore, grinding rollers and grinding rings generally choose high-hardness wear parts, so that they can be used for a long time and prevent excessive wear.

    2. Factors that affect the degree of wear of the grinding roller and grinding ring

    The degree of wear of the grinding roller and grinding ring is related to many factors, such as the hardness of the processed material mentioned above, and the characteristics of the material itself, so it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance and Check the wear of the grinding roller and ring.

    Generally speaking, the grinding roll is changed after about 500 hours of use. Of course, the time to replace the grinding roll is different for different materials.

    Efficiency is closely related to the power supply of the equipment and the output required by the customer. The wear of the grinding roller and ring during the operation of the Raymond mill is generally divided into mechanical damage, fatigue damage, thermal damage and chemical damage. Most of the main effects are due to mechanical damage and fatigue damage. The so-called mechanical damage is caused by the sharp point on the surface of the material to be ground, which causes the local stress of the grinding roller to concentrate, causing strong tearing and cutting. The sharper the material being ground, the greater the hardness, the greater the wear rate, and the faster the wear rate. The so-called fatigue failure is a low-intensity wear caused by the long-term repeated deformation of the surface of the grinding roller and the grinding ring due to the long-term load of the mill.

    Next, corresponding solutions are made for mechanical damage and fatigue damage. When the grinding roller device of Raymond mill equipment has been used for more than 500 hours, it is necessary to change the grinding roller again, and when changing, pay attention to cleaning the rolling bearings in the roller sleeve and other damaged parts in time. For changing, the lubricating tool can be manually lubricated; when processing the material, the fineness setting of the mill should be adjusted. According to the material size, hardness, water content, and specific gravity, the processing thickness is also different and can be adjusted The analyzer on the top of the equipment performs operations that require high speed, high fineness, low speed, and low fineness. This not only allows users to flexibly grasp the finished product, but also reduces the wear of the grinding roller and ring.

    There are many types of mills. Different types of milling equipment will have a corresponding impact on output and efficiency. The benefits created for users will also be different. The price of small-volume stone mills is lower, and the equipment model is small, and the equipment capacity will also be Low, so the price will be cheaper.
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