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Slag, water slag, fly ash grinding equipmentPosted: 2020-04-17

  • With the expansion of industrial production scale, slag, water slag, fly ash and other emissions have shown a linear upward trend, and the massive discharge of industrial solid waste has a bad impact on the environment. How to use high-tech means to improve in the current severe form The comprehensive recycling efficiency of industrial solid waste, turning industrial waste residues into treasure and creating due value has become an urgent production task in the construction of the national economy.
    1. Slag: It is an industrial waste material excluded in the ironmaking process. It is a “potentially hydraulic” material, that is, it is basically non-hydraulic when it exists alone, but in certain stimulants (lime, clinker powder, alkalis) , Gypsum, etc.), showing hydraulic properties.
    2. Water slag: Water slag is the product discharged from the blast furnace after being melted by non-ferrous components in iron ore, coke, and ash in injected coal when iron and steel companies are smelting pig iron. Two methods of water quenching in front of the furnace are excellent cement raw materials.
    3. Fly ash: Fly ash is fine ash collected from flue gas after coal combustion. Fly ash is the main solid waste discharged from coal-fired power plants. With the development of the power industry, the amount of fly ash emissions from coal-fired power plants has increased year by year, becoming one of the current industrial waste slags with relatively large emissions.
    slag grinding mill

    Application field

    1. Slag application: used as raw material to produce slag Portland cement; can be used to produce slag bricks and wet-rolled slag concrete products; can produce slag concrete; can be formulated with slag gravel concrete; expanded slag and expanded beads application Aggregate to make lightweight concrete.
    2. Water slag application: It can be used as a cement mixture, or can be made into clinker-free cement; the water slag fine powder can be used as a mineral admixture for concrete, can replace cement in the same amount, and be directly added to commercial concrete.
    3. Application of fly ash: Fly ash is mainly produced in coal-fired power plants, and has become a single source of large pollution of industrial solid waste. Improving the utilization rate of fly ash is imminent. At present, in terms of the comprehensive utilization of fly ash at home and abroad, the application technology of fly ash in building materials, construction, roads, filling and agricultural production is relatively mature. The use of fly ash can produce a variety of building material products, Production of fly ash cement and fly ash concrete. In addition, fly ash has high application value in agriculture, animal husbandry, environmental protection, flue gas desulfurization, engineering filling, recycling and many other fields.

    Solid waste grinding mill

    In view of the current status of industrial solid waste milling, the YGM vertical mill and HGM ultra-fine vertical mill are equipped with large and sophisticated products and equipment, which can greatly meet the industrial solid waste milling demand and is a professional to increase production capacity 1. An excellent grinding system for reducing energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection. With the advantages of high output, energy saving and environmental protection, high grinding efficiency, and low comprehensive investment cost, it has become an ideal equipment in the field of milling such as slag, water slag, and fly ash, and has made great contributions to environmental protection and improved resource utilization.

    With the continuous acceleration of industrialization, the unreasonable exploitation of mineral resources and their smelting emissions, long-term sewage irrigation and sludge application to the soil, atmospheric subsidence caused by human activities, and the application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides have caused serious soil pollution. . With the in-depth implementation of the scientific development concept, China has paid more and more attention to environmental protection work, and has increasingly increased monitoring of water, air, and land pollution. With the improvement of technology, the resource treatment of industrial solid waste is becoming wider and wider, and its application fields are gradually improving. Therefore, the market prospect of industrial solid waste is also showing a vigorous development trend.
    1. As a powder equipment manufacturing expert, we can tailor and create exclusive milling production line solutions according to the industry's production needs, provide a complete set of technical support and after-sales service support, and provide experimental research and process solutions for the solid waste field Design, equipment manufacturing and supply, organization construction, after-sales service, parts supply, skill training and other complete product services.
    2. The industrial solid waste grinding system we have made has a great breakthrough in production capacity and energy consumption. Compared with traditional mills, it is to increase production capacity, reduce energy consumption, save energy and clean production, and integrate intelligent, The excellent grinding system with the characteristics of technology, scale and other products is an ideal equipment to shorten the comprehensive investment cost and enhance the investment efficiency.


    Industrial solid waste vertical mill effectively breaks through the milling bottlenecks of traditional mills, such as low production capacity, high energy consumption and high maintenance cost. It is widely used in industrial solid waste recycling fields such as slag, water slag, fly ash, etc. , Low energy consumption, easy adjustment of product fineness, simple process flow, small footprint, low noise, small dust, etc. It is an ideal equipment for efficient processing of industrial solid waste and turning waste into treasure.
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