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What is the difference between coal gangue, fly ash and cinder?Posted: 2019-04-11

  • What is fly ash? What is cinder? What is coal gangue? I believe many people are not very familiar with the accessories produced during the mining and use of these coals. Some customers will often consult to process coal gangue or cinder into fly ash? Here is a brief introduction to these three substances.
    Coal gangue is an auxiliary product produced during the mining of coal resources. It has low coal content and can not be used for combustion. Its main components are clay minerals and quartz components. There are also a small amount of trace elements such as SiO2, AL2O3, and C. Coal gangue is mainly used for making ceramics, making bricks, improving soil, producing ammonium sulfate, paving roads, and making land. If the coal content is high, it can be used as a fuel after processing.
    Cinder is mainly solid waste left in the furnace after combustion of coal, generally in the form of gray honeycomb or powder, and the main components are silica, alumina and the like. Mainly used in the production of cement, wall materials, refractory materials, paving, treatment of wastewater and so on.
    Fly ash is a solid residue discharged from flue gas after coal combustion. It is a solid particle formed after the process of decomposition, sintering and melting of coal during combustion. This is a fine solid particle with a typical particle size between 0.001 and 0.1 mm. The most widely used fly ash is in the field of cement manufacturing. Adding fly ash to cement can increase its water solubility, crack resistance and robustness. It can also be used to make gray bricks, tiles, ceramics, improved soil, road construction and engineering filling.
    Solid wastes such as coal gangue, cinder, and fly ash can be well applied by grinding with coal mills such as YGM high pressure Raymond roller grinding mill. However, due to their different content, the application fields are different. However, the solid waste after grinding can fully realize its own market value and create more economic benefits for the society.
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