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Application of ultrafine mill in calcium carbonate powderPosted: 2019-02-23

  • Calcium carbonate, commonly known as limestone powder, is found in rocks such as calcite, marble, and limestone. It can be processed by ultrafine mill equipment to obtain pure calcium carbonate powder.

    The main use of calcium carbonate: 200 mesh fineness can be applied to various feed additives, 300 mesh fine powder can be used in plastics, rubber, paint and other fields, 400 mesh calcium carbonate can be used in chemical industry for Manufacture of gussets, etc., 400-600 mesh calcium powder can be used in the production of toothpaste, soap, and higher fineness calcium powder can be used in paint, plastic, paper and other fields.

    We know that calcium carbonate micropowder processed by high-pressure mill after Raymond mill may not meet the requirements of customers in terms of fineness. With the development of society, customers have higher requirements for calcium carbonate micropowder, and calcium carbonate powder The higher the fineness, the greater the utilization value, the higher the activity, and the wider the application range in the industry. Therefore, many manufacturers add superfine mill equipment to the coarse powder. Production of ultra-fine calcium carbonate micropowder, ultra-fine calcium carbonate micropowder refers to fine powder of calcium carbonate with a fineness of more than 1000 mesh (the high fineness of Raymond mill is about 300 mesh), the range of application of calcium carbonate after ultra-fine grinding Significantly expanded, such as can be used in stone paper projects, plastics, rubber industry, etc., greatly improving the value of calcium carbonate micropowder.

    The development of ultra-fine mill also provides strong power support for the development of calcium carbonate micropowder. From the perspective of the domestic ultra-fine mill market, the mill is diversifying into types, fine-grained, and environmentally friendly equipment. In the future, the development of ultra-fine mills is focused on energy conservation, environmental protection and efficiency. But the challenges of the future cannot be ignored. Equipment advances occur every day, and technology is innovated every day.

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