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High-efficiency limestone grinding mill with output 0.28-30 t/hPosted: 2020-10-19

  • The MTM medium-speed trapezoidal grinding mill is an efficient industrial mill for limestone grinding.
    MTM medium-speed Trapezoidal grinding mill
    [Feed size]: 15-35mm
    [Output size]:  0.613--0.045mm
    [Production capacity]: 0.28-30T/h
    [Application areas]: mining, construction, chemical industry, stone materials and so on.
    [Adapted materials]: Quartz, feldspar, calcite, limestone, talc, ceramics, marble, granite, dolomite, bauxite, iron ore, barite, bentonite, coal gangue, coal, etc.

    Advantages of MTM limestone grinding mill

    MTM limestone grinding mill
    High economic efficiency
    Three-dimensional structure, small footprint, strong complete set. From block material to finished powder, it forms an independent production system with low one-time investment. Low energy consumption. Under ideal working conditions, the unit throughput energy consumption and the unit energy consumption of the new feed are 1.02kWh/t and 1.48kWh/t, respectively, which are more than 60% lower than the electricity consumption of the same grade ball mill.

    High grinding pressure
    Trapezoidal mill draws on the advantages of Raymond mill and suspension roller mill, and connects the grinding roller assembly through tie rods and horizontal springs. The radial force generated by it avoids the loss of bulk materials to the spindle and bearings. The combined action of the spring and centrifugal force makes the material fully squeezed, thereby increasing the output.

    Better stability
    The main engine, powder separator, and fan adopt soft connections to reduce vibration and noise. While avoiding resonance to the equipment, it also avoids the impact on the quality of the finished product. The use of a large inclined air duct ensures that the wind entering the air inlet volute can be smoothly blown into the main grinding cavity along the inclined plane.

    High level of environmental protection
    The main unit and the powder separator adopt a soft connection, and the shock-absorbing spring and the sealing band reduce vibration and noise, and also avoid resonance. High-efficiency dust removal equipment and rigorous parts processing technology ensure that dust pollution is minimized and meets national standards.

    More convenient operation
    The convenient and fast impeller adjustment device is adopted, so that the gap between the blade end of the powder separator and the shell can be adjusted conveniently and quickly. The equipment is easy to operate and can be easily operated by one person.

    High precision of finished products
    In the case of constant speed, increasing the density of the blade can increase the fineness of the finished product. In other words, under the condition that the fineness of the finished product does not need to be changed, the high-density impeller can rotate at a lower speed than the low-density impeller. By reducing airflow resistance, the output of finished products can be increased by more than 50% under the same power.

    Full milling
    Compared with the traditional Raymond mill, the grinding roller and grinding ring are designed into a multi-step ladder shape, which reduces the sliding speed of the material between the trapezoidal grinding roller and the grinding ring, prolongs the rolling time of the material, and improves the finished product. The fineness and yield.

    Energy efficient
    The use of high-efficiency impeller-type energy-saving fans has greatly improved efficiency than straight-blade fans. The efficiency of the straight-blade old-fashioned fan equipped with the traditional mill is only 62%, while the efficiency of the energy-saving induced draft fan whose impeller and blades are both stamped and formed by molds is over 85%.

    Working principle

    Raymond grinding mill
    In the MTM series high-pressure mill, the roller hanger is fastened with a high-pressure spring with a pressure of 1,000 to 1,500 kg. After starting to work, the grinding roller rotates around the main shaft and rolls close to the grinding ring under the action of the high-pressure spring and centrifugal force. The rolling pressure is 20% higher than that of the Raymond mill under the same power condition, so the output is greatly improved. When the material to be ground enters the grinding cavity, it is shoveled by a spatula and sent between the grinding roller and the grinding ring for rolling. The powder after rolling is brought into the analyzer with the circulating air of the blower, and the qualified fine powder enters the cyclone collection with the airflow. The powder machine is the finished product, and the large particles are reground afterwards. The circulating air returns to the blower to repeat the above process, and the remaining air enters the bag filter for purification. When the grinding roller and the grinding ring reach a certain degree of wear, adjust the length of the high-pressure spring to maintain a constant grinding pressure between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, so as to ensure stable output and fineness.




    MTM100 Grinding Plant
    Client Status

    MTM100 Grinding Production Line

    The finished product is used for desulfurization in steel mills, long-term cooperation with Baosteel, Maanshan Iron and Steel, etc., more than ten years of industry experience; successively purchased 3 sets of YGM9517 suspension roller mills and 2 sets of MTM100 medium-speed trapezoidal mills from our company, and cooperated with our company for 12 year.

    Production Status

    [Daily operation]: 22-24 hours
    [Feeding material]: Mainly lime, auxiliary materials are limestone and fluorite
    [Finished product]: 300 mesh, the speed of the powder separator is 320~350r/min, and the sieving rate is 90%
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