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How to Solve the Problem of High Temperature of Raymond Grinding MillPosted: 2016-06-03

  • Raymond Grinding Mill is common milling equipment. Much more users, much more the problems. Do not be afraid there is a problem, find a solution is the key. Today we talk about the high temperature of Raymond Grinding Mill, including high temperature of fan motor and bearings of Raymond Grinding Mill. when meeting the problem, user should find the cause of elevated temperature, and then prescribe the right medicine.

    Raymond Grinding Mill

    First, you can check if the extension pipe of Raymond Grinding Mill is smooth, and if the engine oil viscosity grades meets the requirements. You should give bearing fuel on time, clean it regularly, and replace seals.

    In addition, the bearing temperature can’t exceed 70 ℃. If the bearing temperature is too high, you should immediately wash breaking bearings and bearing chamber and other accessories of Raymond Grinding Mill, and clean them. Fans heat factor is most likely a higher pressure. Sometimes we encounter the fan equipment unconscious in production. This makes pressure changes cause the fan motor heat. It also reminds us in production must not tamper with the Raymond Grinding Mill.

    There is a reason for Raymond Grinding Mill itself, such as quality. Of course, this requires customers carefully select, choose big brands, high quality equipment, such as Clirik machines, which is well received in the industry.

    A lot of problems of Raymond Grinding Mill in the daily production is because of improper maintenance. Therefore, we recommend regular maintenance to ensure Raymond Grinding Mill longevity.
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