Noise Control of Vertical Roller Grinding MillPosted: 2016-05-25

  •  Vertical roller grinding mill played an irreplaceable role in the process of mining development. However, the situation of current development tells us that the trend of mining development are energy saving, environmental protection and no noise. I will briefly describe the processing method of noise of vertical roller grinding mill in this article, to solve annoying noise for customers.
    The noise comes from three areas of vertical roller grinding mill. First, when the cylinder of the vertical roller grinding mill rotates, the ball hits the ball, the ball hits the barrel, the ball hits the material, which creates mechanical noise. Second, vertical roller grinding mill creates mechanical noise in transmission parts of the gear. Third, there is electromagnetic noise and exhaust noise from the motor of the vertical roller grinding mill.

    In order to reduce the noise of vertical roller grinding mill, we give you four methods.
    First, we should enhance the maintenance and management of vertical roller grinding mill. When vertical roller grinding mill is operated in absence of not being repaired, the noise will increase. So repair and maintenance of vertical roller grinding mill can decrease the noise of the equipment.
    Second, reasonable arrangement or adjustment can not only absorb the noise of vertical roller grinding mill, but also play a role of stopping sound and protecting maintenance personnel.

    vertical roller mill.jpg

    Third, we can change workers' duty room into soundproof room. And insulation board is used as the wall of soundproof room.
    Fourth, we should reduce working hours and labor process. Because the hazard of the noise has something to do with the contact time. We can change three shifts into four shifts in a day.
    In addition, the duty workers can take personal protective measures at the noise receiving point.Common tools are ear plugs, cotton of preventing noise, and helmets. This method is both economical and effective.

    After reading the section above, I believe you have a deep understanding of the method to reduce the noise of the vertical roller grinding mill. Then do it in this way to reduce the noise. It will facilitate better work. Use the vertical roller grinding mill to serve you better.

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