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Clirik tell you the difference between the raymond grinding mill and high pressure millPosted: 2015-10-27


    High pressure mill and raymond grinding mill are shining star in clirik milling machinery, and its important role and popularity without saying. Many users in the purchase of equipment for high pressure mill still do not understand the difference and raymond grinding mill, and in the purchase of equipment when there are many doubts, then clirik tell you.

    raymond grinding mill
    High pressure mill and raymond grinding mill milling equipment are very important, on both the appearance of the difference is not big, how to distinguish raymond grinding mill and high pressure milling machine? Some machinery plant in order to better distinguish between them, made a little change in appearance, but this does not provide any help for the user to select the device. Clirik tell us the most important is the selection of equipment to meet the needs of the material milling.
    Raymond grinding mill is actually the earliest milling equipment, and high pressure mill is improved on the basis of raymond mill, high pressure mill can be said is raymond grinding mill upgrade. But it does not lie in the two main feed size, the material above the size, product yields.
    1, in the feed size: The original Raymond feed smaller and more stable yields, higher processing efficiency, high pressure mill feed size ratio raymond grinding mill of bigger scope.
    2, the material on size: raymond grinding mill processing of the expected size of 30 mesh -325 mesh material particle size range, high pressure mill in the range of 80 mesh -425 mesh, finished finer sieve through higher rates.
    3, the finished production: high pressure mill because of strong pressure from the high pressure of the spring, will yield higher than raymond grinding mill.
    4, high pressure mill is used in a mature high-pressure device, not only can extend the useful life of equipment, increasing the device under the same degree of milling yield; Common raymond grinding mill does not have this advantage.
    5, in the long-term use, the grinding roller and grinding ring loss big time, even if the adjustment bolts and other parts, it can not close the grinding, the finished product will meet the requirements powder fineness, this time can only replace the wearing parts, and high pressure mill would not have, at the critical point before reaching the grinding routine cases, you can use high-pressure adjustment device, so the grinding roller and grinding ring tightly phase pressure, maximum use.
    In simple terms, high pressure mill raymond grinding mill feed than larger particle size range, product size finer, greater production output, equipment parts more wear, longer life, of course, the price will be more than the traditional raymond grinding mill higher. Clirik milling equipment specialist Clirik suggest that you still have to choose the right device according to their own needs and strive to maximize the economic benefits with minimal investment costs.
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