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How to choose the ultrafine grinding mill according the materials characteristicsPosted: 2015-09-14

    Ultrafine grinding mill is a large milling equipment,However in the choice of ultrafine grinding mill to consider There are many factors, including manufacturers, materials, use of the environment, the device itself and other factors, and consideration of manufacturers are mainly Integrity, size, etc., and for the milling equipment itself, mainly quality, performance, operation principle aspect, etc., and then is given the nature of the material is suitable for such a mill. Mining machinery industry in a number of ultrafine grinding mill equipment, a professional machining meal of Raymond mill equipment, a professional ultrafine powder processing of ultrafine grinding mill.
     ultrafine grinding mill
    Then ultrafine grinding mill selection process, for different materials, ultrafine grinding mill equipment, how to right to buy it? ultrafine grinding mill in the selection process, some customers may encounter such a situation, according to the physical characteristics of the material, in the selection of fineness, when the material yield similar mills, often more contradictory. So how do you address this phenomenon, how effective choice milling equipment for the company is the most important.
    Shanghai Clirik is specialized in the production of ultrafine grinding mill equipment manufacturers, so how to choose the right equipment ultrafine grinding mill grinding material according to it, following on Clirik explain in detail for you, if your milling material hardness is six The following, then you can go to choose ultrafine grinding mill equipment, because the material fineness of ultrafine grinding mill equipment processed between 325 mesh --3000 mesh can be adjusted, if the hardness of the material you are working in nine or less, then you can choose the high-pressure grinding equipment, high pressure mill equipment, etc., which are based on the specific circumstances detailed analysis. In our infrastructure is indispensable in milling equipment, and the fields of application of the relatively very extensive, can be applied to mining, construction, building materials, chemicals, highways and other industries to carry out crushing, crushing grade powder operations, customers Optional mill when starting from the actual direction, consider their project is suitable to buy, and then through a detailed understanding of the characteristics of various types of milling equipment, scope, and then refer to the manufacturer's service quality system, but also pay attention to the following factors in the selection:
    1. The total production of finished products and grading requirements, according to choose the type of mill and production capacity;
    2. The physical properties of materials, such as friability, viscosity, water and sediment concentration maximum feed size and the like;
    3. Technical and economic indicators, so that both desirable quality and quantity requirements, easy to operate, safe and reliable, but also to maximize cost savings; mill equipment is a large investment, ask the customer the choice, we must be careful .
    Clirik recommend that you use energy efficient ultrafine grinding mill, across the range of fineness is relatively large, and the quality of the equipment is guaranteed, you can choose ultrafine grinding mill equipment. Welcome customers to shanghai Clirik.
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