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The difference between the Raymond grinding mill and high pressure grinding millPosted: 2015-06-29


    Today Clirik tell you: the difference between the high pressure grinding mill and Raymond grinding mill, the application is very extensive mill now, the beginning of time have Raymond grinding mill, it has developed slowly developing high pressure milling machine, it can be said that high pressure grinding mill is Raymond grinding mill derivatives. From the outside, the high-pressure Raymond mill and basically no difference, the main difference lies in the feed particle size, particle size of the material, product yield above.

     raymond grinding mill
    The feed size: The original Raymond feed smaller and more stable yields, higher processing efficiency, high pressure suspension mill feed size bigger than the range of Raymond mill;
    Discharging granularity: Raymond processing the expected size in the range of 30 mesh -325 mesh, high pressure grinding mill discharge size in the range of 80 mesh -425 mesh, finished finer, higher rates through the sieve;
    The finished production: high pressure mill because of strong pressure from the high pressure of the spring, the yield will be higher than Raymond.
    High pressure grinding mill uses a sophisticated high-pressure device, not only can extend the useful life of equipment, increasing the device under the same degree of milling yields. Ordinary Raymond mill does not have this advantage in the long-term use, the grinding roller and grinding ring loss big time, even if the adjustment bolt and other parts, it can not close the grinding, the finished product will meet the requirements fineness, this time only the replacement of wearing parts, and high pressure machinery raymond grinding mill would not have, at the critical point before reaching the grinding routine cases, you can use high-pressure grinding mill adjustment device, so that the grinding roller and grinding ring close relative pressure, maximum use.
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