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Clirik dolomite ultrafine grinding mill processing is widely used in five areasPosted: 2015-06-15


    Dolomite is a carbonate mineral, respectively, ankerite and manganese dolomite two substances. It's like a calcite crystal structure, often has rhombohedral shape. Encountered cold dilute hydrochloric acid will slowly out of the bubble. Some orange-red shade dolomite will be issued at the cathode rays.

    Clirik dolomite after ultrafine grinding mill equipment processing,powder fineness disposable reach D96≤5μm, usually pulse filter to capture dust, it will be used to reduce the broken muffler noise, energy saving and environmental protection, cleaning, etc.
    Dolomite powder can usually be used for the following industrial applications:
    Metallurgy and refractory materials: iron and steel smelting magnesia used as a slagging agent to bind the molten silicon, aluminum, sulfur, phosphorus until the unwanted or harmful with the raw elements, can become easy to separate the molten slag.
    Glass, ceramics industry: used as a raw material in the glass, glass and other products increased gloss and improve the flexural strength of glass products. Make the ceramic materials and glazes from fluxing action, reduce the sintering temperature.
    Building materials industry: the production of water-based paint, magnesium sulfate, cement, high performance magnesium cement, household plastic, waterproof materials.
    Chemical industry: products made of rubber filler to enhance the role of hardness, fire resistance, electrical insulation resistance, dimensional stability and the like.
    Agriculture and forestry: acidic soil amendments or neutralizing, or neutralizing agents, epidemic prevention, pesticides. Environment: Water with dolomite filter materials.
    Shanghai Clirik dolomite ultrafine grinding mill enterprise specializing in the production of ultra-fine grinder clirik finished under fineness and motor power being equal, than the jet mill, mixing mill, ball mill yields higher more than doubled; roller, grinding ring forging made using special materials, so that the degree of utilization will be greatly improved.
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