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How about of HGM1680L grinding mill performancePosted: 2015-06-01

    HGM1680L ultra-fine grinding mill is launched at the end of 2014 the latest in a milling machine device, this powder grinding mill in appearance looks relatively tall, more suitable for large-scale ore milling manufacturers use, then how about HGM1680L micro powder grinding mill performance,let Shanghai Clirik powder mill technical staff tell you .
    HGM1680L grinding mill
    HGM1680l superfine powder grinding mill is a large device, the height up to 12 meters, the length of 26 meters and a width of 7.5 meters, from these figures alone can judge this grinding mill productivity quality high.
    In addition, HGM1680l superfine powder grinding mill fineness between 300 ~ 3000mesh, the user can according to their own production needs to adjust the fineness of the powder to achieve a variety of processing equipment fineness functions.
    In terms of production, HGM1680l ultrafine grinding mill production up to 30t/h, processing of materials with different fineness yield will vary, this output can meet the needs of most users.
    Our grinding mill plant have a prototype HGM1680l ultrafine mill, if customer interested in HGM grinding mill,  you can to visit our company, you can also take some of the material test machine, Clirik grinding mill manufactory welcome you arrival!
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Ultrafine Grinding Mill

Capacity:0.5-30 t/h
Feeding size:≤20mm
Output Size:5-74um/mesh
Info:HGM Series ultrafine grinding mill is the equipment specializing in producing fine and superfine powder of non-inflammable...

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