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Ultrafine Grinding Mill Applied in Cosmetics Industry SuccessfullyPosted: 2015-05-07

    Talc is very familiar to us, apply in our lives will be more, for example, we often use moisturizing powder, cosmetic powder, talcum powder and other well-known skin care brands produced by Johnson & Johnson's baby powder is talc powder as the main raw material, and skin care products for talc performance requirements more stringent. In addition, with the development of the mill industry, to improve the processing technology, the fineness of the talc can meet the requirements of various applications, it is widely used in chemical, ceramics, cosmetics, medicine, food, paper and other industries. Our talc processing is mainly dry processing, milling and processing equipment used previously to Raymond machine-based, ball mill and other mills use less. Market demand continues to improve standards for the finished product requirements, now ultrafine grinding mill, three-ring micro powder grinding mill and other equipment have been widely used in talcum powder processing areas, the production of talc application more wide. Now plastics, paints, cosmetics for high-end products has grown rapidly in recent years. Demand for high-grade talc maintained a rapid growth rate.
    Some experts, talc as a mineral powder, non-irritating upon contact with intact skin, its chemical nature determines that it has a strong absorption, moisture absorption. But often associated with natural talc containing asbestos serpentinite symbiosis, which in its natural form often contains asbestos. If processing technology, however, it is easy braced impurities in talcum powder inside, or unpasteurised contain pathogenic bacteria spores, dangerous. Therefore, if used as a skin care industry talcum powder, then the processing mill equipment requirements are more stringent.
    Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co.,Ltd, there is Raymond grinding mill, high pressure suspension grinding mill, high pressure micro-grinding, which high-pressure micro-grinding and grinding can be used tricyclic micro talc super powder processing, especially for cosmetics and other industries in the high-grade talc, fineness have certain requirements. High pressure Powder Grinding Mill is approved by our experts on the basis of many years on the production of industrial grinding mill, Germany and Japan to learn fineness grade advanced technology to solve the ultra-fine milling classification difficulties, fineness can reach 500 mesh (25 microns) -2500 mesh (5 m). It can fully meet the demand of customers.
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Ultrafine Grinding Mill

Capacity:0.5-30 t/h
Feeding size:≤20mm
Output Size:5-74um/mesh
Info:HGM Series ultrafine grinding mill is the equipment specializing in producing fine and superfine powder of non-inflammable...

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