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What ultrafine grinding mill can process fluorite?Posted: 2015-05-04


    Fluorite, also known as calcium fluoride,It is a common halide mineral, fluorite there are many colors that can also be transparent and colorless. Transparent colorless fluorite can be used to produce special optical lens. Fluorite is widly use in steel, aluminum production of flux, used to make opal glass, ceramic products, high-octane fuel and production of catalysts and so on. Industrial use of fluorite powder generally, processing fluorite use ultrafine grinding mill equipment, What ultrafine grinding mill can process fluorite?

    Fluorite used in the construction of less demanding on the fineness of 100-200 mesh is more common, it can be used Raymond mill for processing. After the deep processing of fluorite is mainly used in hydrofluoric acid and glass production, requires a higher fineness, we need to use special grinding mill equipment. Currently, the fineness of deep processing of fluorite need to use up to about 500-800 mesh, Shanghai Clirik recommended ultrafine grinding mill. Ultrafine grinding mill processing capacity of the equipment is very strong, the powder fineness can be up to 1,500 head, while large equipment capacity can reach 30 tons.

    Shanghai Clirik focused on milling machines, more than ten years of history and experience, our grinding mill plant produced a variety of types of ore grinding equipment, welcome customers to buy.
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