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Ultrafine grinding mill is widely used in dolomite processingPosted: 2015-04-23


    Dolomite is widely used in glass, chemicals, ceramics, welding materials, metallurgy, refractory materials, etc., and making it one of the main raw material grinding mill.
    Dolomite is a carbonate mineral,there are ankerite and manganese dolomite. It's crystal structure like calcite. When the bubble will slowly cold dilute hydrochloric acid. Some dolomite hair orange-red shade at the cathode rays. Dolomite is composed of dolomite and dolomitic limestone of the main mineral component. Dolomite refractory lining can be used as a reformer when steelmaking, slagging agent, cement raw materials, glass flux, ceramics, fertilizers, building and decorative stone, paint, pesticides and other pharmaceutical various purposes. Can be used for building materials, ceramics, glass and refractory materials, chemical industry and agriculture, environmental protection, energy and other fields.
    Dolomite is widely used to make Shanghai Clirik ultrafine grinding mill machinery and equipment more perfect,and upgrades dolomite milling equipment for systematic technical , whether it is dolomite ore production, processing or other class materials processing, have shown more in line with modern energy saving and efficient large-scale production requirements. More and more of dolomite ultrafine grinding mill production line proved, Shanghai Clirik strong force in dolomite ultrafine grinding mill processing field.
    Shanghai Clirik high pressure grinding mill:
    1. Compared with other mills under the same conditions of production increased 10-20% power, pressure roller grinding of materials under high pressure to improve 800- 1200kg spring action
    2.9.3 grade mineral materials can be processed crushed.
    3. Finished size wide range of the most coarse particle size up to mm (30 mesh) particle size is generally up to 0.033 mm (425 mesh), the finest small part of the material can reach 0.013 mm (1000 mesh).
    4. Dust effect is entirely up to the national dust emission standards.
    5. Analysis of the machine is easy to adjust.
    6. grinding device overlapping multi-level seal, good sealing performance.
    Shanghai Clirik Welcome to inquire, or directly to our grinding mill factory visit and purchase,Shanghai Clirik Machine Co., Ltd. welcome you to visit!
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