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Disassembly, Installation and Purchase of Wearing PartsPosted: 2015-03-18

  • Danger: Shut off the power before disassembly and installation of wearing parts!
    Caution: Please refer to disassembly & installation procedures step by step.
    Danger: Please take necessary protective measures if involving climbing or other dangerous work.
    Turn plate parts
    1)Shut down machine per the procedure of part 3.
    2)Remove the connection bolts between classifier rack and grinding mill, remove the upper part of the main unit-classifier.
    3)Remove the two fixed bolts or shaft
    4)Clockwise turn on the fasten nut and hexagon nut on the topmost of main shaft.
    5)Screw the hoisting equipment ( dispatched with the machine) into the screw holes on the upper distribution plate, then remove distribution plate from the grinding mill.
    6)Remove turn plate parts refer procedure 5).
    7)Put turn plate on a stand which has the diameter not more than that of spindle holes, and the height 10cm higher than that of the turn plate.
    8)Hit and take off spindles one by one, some measures should be taken during this procedure to avoid of falling off spindles hurt someone.
    9)Put spindles in a safe place, and avoid slipping on them.
    10)Replace the wearing parts.
    Procedures of disassembly & installation for special assembled rollers,
    1)Remove turn plate per procedure 6.1(1-4)
    2)Remove connection bolt between middle body and base
    3)Take off the middle body and the turn plate together, put them on a stand which has a diameter greater than middle body.
    4)Hit and take off spindles one by one
    5)Push roller in turn plate, and take off turn plate by hoist.
    6)Remove connect bolts between upper and lower parts, prize up the middle body and replace wearing parts.
     Remarks: Please refer to list 2-1 for lifting facility equipment
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