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How to Distinguish the Superfine Calcium Carbonate and Ordinary Calcium Carbonate in Rubber?Posted: 2015-03-12

  • Calcium carbonate is a white powder or colorless crystals, tasteless, odorless. After processing calcium carbonate, the fineness is different, so does the usage:
    1. within 200 mesh: it can be used for a variety of feed additives, calcium amounted to more than 55.6, without harmful ingredients.
    2. 200 mesh to 300 mesh: it can be widely used as a raw material or interior and exterior painting in plastics factory, rubber factory, paint factory and waterproof factory. Whiteness is more than 85 degrees.
    3. 350 mesh to 400 mesh: for the manufacture of pinch, the water pipeline, chemical industry, whiteness is more than 93 degrees.
    4. 400 mesh to 600 mesh: it can be used for toothpaste, soap. Whiteness is above 94 degrees.
    5. 800 mesh: it can be used in rubber, plastic, cable, pvc, whiteness is above 94 degrees.
    6. 1250 mesh: it can be used in pvc, PE, painting, coating grade product, paper surface coating, whiteness is above 95 degrees, with high purity, high whiteness, non-toxic, odorless, fine oil and low hardness.
    7. Calcium carbonate can be used as calcium supplements: the absorption rate can reach 39%.
    The different fineness of calcium carbonate determined different effect for rubber, 250 mesh to 300 mesh fineness belong to ordinary calcium carbonate, high pressure suspension grinding mill is suitable for processing it, whiteness is 85 degrees. 800 mesh fineness belong to superfine calcium carbonate, ultrafine grinding mill is appropriate for grinding it, whiteness is above 94 degrees. 
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