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India customer visits Clirik to inspect HGM ultrafine grinding millPosted: 2019-06-12

  • Last week, Shanghai Clirik ushered in two customers from India to visit our company to inspect the . The two customers visited the HGM ultrafine grinding mill mainly for the processing of talc and limestone. The fineness of the two materials is required to be between 200 and 400 mesh, and the output is required to be about 2 tons per hour. In addition, the customer has an additional requirement to purchase a cost-effective equipment that requires simultaneous processing of both talc and limestone materials.
    India grinding mill customer
    According to the general needs of customers, the technical forest manager of our company's foreign trade department recommends the HGM80 ultrafine grinding machine. This type of ultra-fine grinding mill is especially suitable for grinding more than 100 kinds of materials such as talc and limestone. High efficiency, low consumption, long life of consumable parts, high safety and reliability, high product fineness, good stability, environmental protection and cleanliness, etc. It is a very cost-effective milling equipment. In addition, Mr. Lin also gave a detailed introduction to the customer according to whether the customer can only buy one piece of equipment and meet the needs of the production and processing of the two materials. After that, the customer expressed very good performance characteristics of the HGM superfine mill, especially the reasonable price. 
    HGM ultrafine grinding mill
    After making a good purchase plan for the customer, Mr. Stefan took the customer to visit our exhibition hall and production workshop respectively. Through the test machine, I got a general understanding of the composition and working principle of HGM80 superfine grinding. In the production workshop, the forest manager gave the customer details. The detailed composition and structure of each component of the milling equipment were introduced. The customer gave high praise and appreciation to our professional knowledge and service attitude.
    The customer said that they are just investing in a small stone powder processing plant. They will buy a HGM80 superfine mill in our company for the time being, but will continue to invest in a large stone powder factory in the second half of next year. Work with my company. Of course, we are very welcome.
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