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Causes and solutions for the breakage of the grinding mill main shaftPosted: 2019-01-11

  • The core components of the HGM grinding mill are grinding rolls, grinding rings and assemblies. At the same time, these parts are also wearing parts. If you do not pay attention to the inspection, it will have serious consequences. In particular, the breakage of the main shaft will cause the production to stop, and the loss of production cannot be estimated. If the spindle is broken during working hours, the safety of the worker is first threatened. What is the cause of the spindle break?

    HGM grinding mill

    HGM grinding mill2

    main shaft of HGM grinding mill

    1. Due to the working characteristics of the mill, long-term crushing and grinding of large ore, frequent mechanical impact will cause fatigue damage to the spindle.

    2. Excessive feeding causes the mill to operate at an overload.

    3. During the mining and transportation process, the ore is often mixed with waste metal materials. When these objects pass through the electromagnets at the upper end of the tape, the electromagnet cannot be removed due to the weak adsorption capacity of the electromagnet and the metal characteristics of the manganese-containing steel material. These materials are mixed into the ore and mud into the mill, causing frequent iron and causing frequent impact on components such as the spindle. The main cause of fatigue damage is the main shaft fracture.

    We summed up the reasons for the spindle break. Do we know if we should prevent this kind of malignant accident in the future?

    1. When the on-site maintenance personnel perform maintenance work, the replaced parts should be recycled and placed in the designated location. It is strictly forbidden to discard all kinds of metal waste into the ore.

    2. When the maintenance personnel in the ore dressing workshop are not ready for maintenance, strictly observe the operating procedures to avoid leaving repair tools and debris in the equipment.

    3. Through the procurement and relying on its own technical strength, the existing metal detectors are updated or modified to improve the ability of metal detectors to detect and exclude metals.

    4. The operator who guards the feeding belt of the crusher should strengthen the sense of responsibility, increase the inspection intensity of the materials, and find that the foreign objects should be sorted out in time.

    5. The operator of the grinding hand equipment will not be inspected in time, and the abnormal situation such as current and sound should be handled and reported in time to prevent the accident from expanding.

    6. Regularly use ultrasonic instruments to inspect the force components such as the spindle to understand the actual condition of the equipment.

    7. Strengthen the training of operators in each section, strive to improve the actual operation level of the operators, strengthen the maintenance of equipment, and ensure that the equipment is in a good technical state in time for the large and medium repairs of the equipment.

    8. For the spindle, body and other key equipment components that can affect the production of the whole system, do the procurement of spare parts for inventory, so as to avoid the special system to stop production after the special situation occurs.


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