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About Mica The Things You Should KnowPosted: 2018-10-09

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    Mica is not the name of some kind of rock, but the general name of the mica mineral. It is a silicate of metal layer structure such as potassium, aluminum, magnesium, iron and lithium. Mica mainly includes biotite, phlogopite, muscovite, lithium mica, sericite, green mica, iron-lithium mica, etc. Different minerals contain different elements and the formation pathways are slightly different. Therefore, their shape and color And there are some differences in the intrinsic properties.

    The biotite is a silicate mineral, because it contains iron, so the color is darker, it is brownish or black, and the color becomes darker with the increase of iron content;

    Phlogopite is an aluminosilicate containing iron, magnesium and potassium. It is usually yellowish brown or reddish brown and sometimes grayish green. Muscovite is also called mica, potassium mica or mica, mostly white. Lighter brown, green, red, some are colorless;

    Lithium mica is the most common lithium mineral. It is one of the important minerals for the extraction of lithium. It usually contains metal elements such as strontium and barium. It is usually purple or pink, and may be colorless.

    Sericite is actually a natural fine-grained muscovite. Its chemical composition and structure are similar to kaolin and have a certain viscosity. Therefore, it has the characteristics of mica minerals and clay minerals.

    Green mica is also a kind of iron-containing mica. The color becomes darker with the increase of iron content, but its other elements are not the same as phlogopite, so the color is different from that of phlogopite;

    Iron lithium mica contains lithium and strontium, and is generally light brown or dark grayish green.

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    In general, mica is generally a hexagonal flaky crystal. Mica can be called "industrial little helper" because they are excellent in nature for industry. Mica is transparent, layered, and has low hardness. It can be stripped of flat sheets of any thickness, with good insulation, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance. They are often used as insulation materials for electrical equipment and electrical equipment, and are often used in the manufacture of steam boilers, furnace windows and mechanical parts of smelting furnaces, and can be combined with other materials to improve their performance.

    According to the difference of alkali metal ions or alkaline earth metal ions contained in the crystal structure of mica, the industrial use value is also different. At present, it is widely used in industry, such as muscovite, phlogopite and synthetic mica. According to the crystal size of mica crystal, the natural mica can be divided into large mica and broken mica. The traditional mica can be fabricated into various insulating materials such as mica paper, mica plate and mica tape, and the mica substrate-like insulating material can be prepared by directly molding the traditional mica and the reinforcing material.

    Mica also plays many roles in life. For example, if the plastic is used outdoors for a long time and is exposed to sunlight for a long time, the mechanical properties of the plastic product will be reduced, which will affect the use. This is because the ultraviolet light in the sunlight causes most chemical bonds to break and destroy the polymer material. In order to prolong life, some anti-UV aging agents, such as mica powder, are often added to polymer plastics. The layered structure of the mica powder can improve the toughness and crack resistance of the polymer plastic material, and can also have the ultraviolet shielding effect through the polarizing action of the mica layer.


    As a high-yield mineral, mica also has many other excellent effects. For example, it can be used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat headaches and other diseases. It can be used in combination with objects such as aluminum hydroxide for flame retardants and lubricating oils. 

    For mica powder making , Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co.,Ltd has four types of mica powder making machines for your choice: 

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    4. CLUM Vertical Roller Mill (2µm>50% ) 325-3000 mesh .

    More details you can find here:

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