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How to Improve The Performance of Raymond Mill?Posted: 2018-09-10

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    Raymond Mill is the abbreviation of Raymond Grinding Mill. It is sometimes called Raymond Machine. It is a commonly used milling equipment, mainly used for limestone, quartz, bentonite, kaolin, cement, glass, chemical raw materials insulation materials. Etc., the material after grinding is 80-325 mesh, and the part can be up to 600 mesh, so that it can better meet the needs of users. How to effectively improve the production of Raymond mill is not only a concern of customers, but also the purpose of continuous reform and innovation of manufacturers.So how to improve the performance of Raymond Mill?

    1. Using different mills
    The production practice confirmed that the Raymond milling performance of the surrounding discharge was reduced and destroyed. Especially for brittle minerals. Because the mining speed of these grinding machines is relatively fast, the large-density ore particles that sink on the bottom layer of the slurry are easily discharged, and the rod mill is also used as a grinding medium by using parallel long steel bars, so that the phenomenon of excessive crushing and destruction can be reduced. In addition, because the pulp of these grinding machines is shallow. The buffering effect of the slurry on the grinding medium is small. The grinding medium can fully perform the crushing action, so the production capacity of these grinding machines is large.
    In the selection of grading equipment, the use of fine screen and mill closed circuit, or pre-grading has a certain degree of superiority. When using a fine sieve as a sorting device. It can strictly control the particle size of the grinding machine, so that the particle size can not be removed, effectively avoiding the phenomenon of “running rough”. Secondly, the screening efficiency of the sieve is high, about 80-90%, while the spiral classifier and the jaw classifier usually only have a classification efficiency of 40-60%. This easily causes the qualified fine-grained grade to be re-grinded, resulting in over-crushing and destruction.

    2. Using closed-circuit grinding process
    The fair grinding process should be that the ore particles should be quickly removed from the mill once they are ground to separate. On the one hand, it can avoid over-grinding, on the other hand, it can make the grinding medium (such as steel ball) fully act on the coarse ore particles, so that the energy can maximize the useful work. However, it is very difficult to carry out the material particle size classification in the existing grinding machine. For this reason, the classifier or fine sieve is used to separate the fine fraction of the grinding product, and the coarse grain is returned to the grinding machine for re-grinding (also called sand returning). ). It can be seen that in the closed-circuit grinding, the ore feeding of the grinding machine is added to the new ore, so the grinding machine passes more materials, and the speed of the material passing through the grinding machine is accelerated. Being ground for a short time. In closed-circuit grinding, it is necessary to force the coarse particles of the divergent grid to repeatedly pass through the grinding machine until the grinding is qualified. Secondly, in the case of closed-circuit grinding, the coarse-grain content of the mill feedstock is increased because a large amount of coarse sand is fed. According to the principle of grinding dynamics. At this time, the energy is maximized for useful work, so the grinding speed is accelerated, and the yield of the mill is improved. In addition, because of the presence of moderate amount of sand return, it can eliminate the fluctuation of the new ore of the mill and produce the influence on the particle size of the product.
    It can be seen that closed-circuit grinding can effectively avoid the phenomenon of over-breaking and “running rough”. It enables the grinding course to obtain an average and thicker narrower level of product under the condition of ensuring the qualified particle size, which is beneficial to the next step of the homework.

    3. Pay attention to the following aspects in the operation of the mill:
    (1) Appropriate reincarnation load when closed-circuit grinding
    The production practice shows that the yield of the ball mill increases with the increase of the ratio of the equipment of the sand-retaining sand production line within a certain range. Under the premise of large sand-return ratio, the fluctuation of the classification efficiency has little effect on the yield of the grinding machine. Stone production line, dryer, flotation machine. When the sand return ratio is too small, the superiority of closed circuit grinding is not shown. Therefore, it is advantageous to appropriately increase the sand return ratio. Generally, the amount of sand returned by the manufacturer of the bar mill is smaller than that of the ball mill. This is because the bar mill has a small amount of free space in the unit medium volume and contains less material.
    (2) The speed of the mill should be controlled appropriately
    When the rotation speed is slightly higher, a higher yield can be obtained. However, because the relative motion is intensified and the grinding medium has a large energy, the material is easily broken and destroyed. For example, after a certain plant improved the rotational speed of the mill from 27 rpm to 29.7 rpm, the yield increased by 3.7%; but the yield of less than 19 μm increased from 10.64% to 14.73%, and the corresponding metal According to the rate of increase from 8.1 cement ball mill 8% to 4.57%.
    (3) The concentration of grinding raw materials should be appropriate, too high and too low are not good, the actual handling should pay attention to the adjustment of water volume.

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