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How to start a limestone processing plant, and what equipment would be required?Posted: 2018-08-02

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    The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate (CaCO3) with a Mohs hardness of 3. After limestone is mined from limestone, it is pulverized to form limestone particles, that is, stone, sand, or further ground to form limestone powder, which is widely used in building materials, highways, metallurgy, and chemical industries.

    Lime is divided into quicklime and slaked lime. After calcination, limestone becomes calcium oxide CaO (common name lime), which is generally in the form of blocks and is used in water treatment, asphalt improvement, desulfurization, building materials, medicine and other industries. The quicklime absorbs moisture or adds water to become slaked lime. The main component is calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2, which is used in environmental protection, medicine, food and other industries.

    Generally above mentioned limestone means limestone powder.If you want to run a limestone processing plant,producing limestone powder is a better choice,which is less investment,more profit and much easier.

    Limestone or limestone is rich in resources, and the original ore grade can generally meet the requirements of various industrial sectors. Therefore, generally only simple washing is required, and no complicated beneficiation process is required for purification. The processing of limestone is mainly pulverization, classification and production of lime, slaked lime, precipitated calcium carbonate, ultrafine (nano) calcium carbonate, carbon dioxide and the like. Limestone generally adopts a dry pulverization process. For metallurgy and road limestone, the ore can be crushed and sieved. For the production of fine powder products, the ore is directly crushed by Raymond mill after crushing by jaw crusher, impact crusher or cone crusher. The product fineness is 100-325 mesh. The specific processing flow is as follows:

    · Limestone coarse crush

    This is a first step of limestone powder processing ,these limestone equipment can be choose:Jaw crusher, hammer crusher,cone crusher, impact crusher and so on.

    How to choose a most suitable one for your limestone processing plant,see here:The Difference Between Impact Crusher And Jaw Crusher

    · Limestone medium and fine

    Usually, after the first step of the coarse crushing, another fine crushing is required, in order to obtain the fine fineness of the limestone particles.This step is not necessary, it depends on your needs. To do or not to do,the following article may give you an answer.What is the difference in limestone crushing between jaw crusher,impact crusher and a single hammer crusher?

    · Limestone milling

    In this step there are several mills for limestone powder processing,such as micro powder grinding mill,Raymond mill,ball mill,vertical mill.The main principle of choosing them is the output fineness and the capacity you need.

    There are also articles for your reference.

    The Difference Between Impact Crusher And Jaw Crusher

    Comparative analysis of the principle characteristics of Raymond mill and ultra-fine grinding mill


    · The fourth stage: packaging

    Packaging and storage of finished materials.

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    Related mining equipment in limestone processing plant


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