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How To Choose Gypsum Powder?Posted: 2018-07-13

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    Gypsum powder is widely used in our daily life. There are many types of gypsum powder. Different types of gypsum powder have different uses, so be sure to pay attention when purchasing gypsum powder. So how to choose gypsum powder?

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    Gypsum powder type and use

    1. Gypsum powder for construction. There are many types of gypsum powder, and the color of gypsum powder is also different. The general gypsum color is mainly divided into gray, yellow and white. Among them, gray gypsum is mostly gypsum powder for construction. After careful observation, it will be found that there are some black small particles in the gypsum. You can also view the gypsum after soaking in water. This construction gypsum powder is very brittle but cheap.

    2. Gypsum powder for art. If the gypsum powder for art is yellow, it is generally used for sculpture and molding. When selecting the gypsum powder for art, it depends on the material of the gypsum powder. Generally, the good yellow gypsum powder is hard and the details are in line with the requirements of art production. . There are also white gypsum powder. The white art gypsum powder is generally used for sculpture and film making. It is also more common in the decoration field. White gypsum powder is more and more widely used. Good quality white gypsum powder has high fineness and good hardness. Some white gypsum powder will also add a little calcium carbonate, which can achieve extremely hard effect.

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    How to choose gypsum powder

    1. Breakdown. The details represent the delicateness of the gypsum powder. Generally, the detail of the special hard white gypsum is usually about 1100 mesh, and the detail of the construction gypsum is about 300 mesh, so we can see many gaps.
    2. Strength. The compressive strength of gypsum powder is also very important. The compressive strength of gypsum powder mainly refers to the force that will be crushed when the gypsum powder is subjected to pressure. The general art gypsum powder has a 3-hour compressive strength of 8.1 mPa, construction. The 3-hour compressive strength with gypsum is about 4.9 mPa, and the compressive strength of different types of gypsum powder is different.

    3. Flexural strength. The flexural strength of gypsum powder is mainly the force that represents the unit area to break the material under bending moment. Generally, the drying flexural strength of the used art gypsum is about 10~12 mPa, and the construction gypsum is 8.4. About millipascals.
    4. Bond strength. The bonding strength of gypsum powder is generally used in plastic molding. In fact, it is like flour and sand stirred after adding water, the flour will become a mass, and the sand is still a loose sand. The bonding strength of gypsum powder refers to different kinds of gypsum powder, and its bonding strength is also different. The gypsum powder in general construction also has certain requirements on the bonding strength. We can ask when choosing. Look at the store.

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