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Protect Grinding Mill in the Rainy DaysPosted: 2017-11-21

  • The winter is coming, and the weather become colder and colder, what’s the weather in your city? It’s sunny? Or it’s rainy? Shanghai is one of the four super cities in China, there will lots of rainy days in winter. As we all know the grinding mill is one of the common mining equipment, how to maintain it in a such rainy day is a hard question? So what should you do, when the weather become rainy and wet? I will teach you some methods.

    Because, there are water in the air, so the raw materials we want to process is usually wet. It’s not advantageous to to grinding mills normal operation. The wet raw material will blockage of grinding mill passage. So that, reduce the output of the grinding mill. We should use the dry raw materials when we process the stone powder. Screening raw materials before we reprocessing of powders.

     grinding mill

    The external environment should be taken to avoid open-air production of grinding mill, exposure, rain will produce different degrees of damage to the grinding mill, if the body of water, the effect is worse, mill leakage surface shall be coated with anti rust oil, rust found immediately and make rust repair measures.

    Ultra fine grinding mill parts should also be good maintenance, regular inspection and maintenance, from outside to inside one by one, it is best to make a list of components of the mill, beware of omission phenomenon, found that serious wear parts need to be replaced, bolts loose or missing need to be tightened and tightened.

    If we take measures to protect our grinding mill in the rainy days, the weather will not influence the capacity of grinding mill. Do you have any other methods to protect grinding mill in the rainy days? Welcome to share your methods with us. Thanks for your reading.

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