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The Common Problems When We Are Using The Grinding MillPosted: 2016-12-27

  • Grinding mill as a usual mining equipment which is usually used by us, it will occur some problems inevitable when we are using the grinding mill. Today we will share with you the common reasons.

    1. Wear is repairing work of grinding mill roller, abrasive liner

    When the grinding wheel body and wear resistant liner in the processing, if there is appear a gap, there will make the wear between the body and the liner intensified, combined with hot air and cement particles on the continuous erosion of the surface, resulting in trench generation , Resulting in collision between the body and the liner collision occurred, when the liner makes cracks or even broken, the machine is damaged, especially the damage to the gearbox, resulting in a vicious incident.

    2. Wear is repairing work of grinding mill roller bearing chamber

    Requirements of grinding mill roller bearing are very seriously, many factories usually use this method put the roller bearing on the dry ice generally. Once there is appearing a gap between the bearing and the bearing chamber, there will affect the normal operation of the roller bearing, resulting in bearing heat, will lead to a serious bearing burning phenomenon.

    grinding mill

    3. Leakage control, of grinding mill reduction gears

    The leakage of the reduction gears is not only affect the appearance of the grinding mill, but also waste oil, and cause great trouble for the grinding mill daily maintenance and repair. Rapid curing material with rubber repair materials cannot stop,treatment of leakage on site, easy to operate, and have a good effect on governance.

    In the daily use of the grinding mill, if we are not concerned about the actual state of the grinding mill. If there is an accident, the consequences will be very painful, so we must pay special attention to the use of a grinding mill.

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