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What Factors Could Affect the Output of Ultrafine MillPosted: 2016-12-13

  • Recently, there are lots of customers reflect that the yield of stone powder has significantly reduced when they are using the ultrafine mill, and they want to know why? In fact, there are mainly two reasons. First, there are some problems with the ultrafine mills; second, this problem is caused by the nature of the grinding materials.

    For the ultrafine mill itself, spindle speed maybe is the one of the reasons could caused the lack of stone powder, for example, the lack of the power and the serious wear and tear of the transmission belt will cause the speed of grinding mill slow down, if you want to solve this problem, you can increase the energy of the ultrafine mill, and adjust the belt or replace a new one. Second, the wear and tear of the blade, grinding roller, grinding ring and other major parts will also affect the lack of stone powder seriously, so we must replace the wear parts in time. Finally, if the lock powder is not adjusted to the correct state, it will also reduce the output of stone powder.

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    As for the nature of the grinding materials, maybe lots of ultrafine mill users will understand, such as the material humidity, viscosity, or hardness, and so on. These factors will also influence the output of the grinding mill. So, users will must understand the nature of the materials, so that, it cannot affect the efficiency of the grinding mill.

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