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Common Problem of Coal MillPosted: 2016-10-09

  • Common Problem of Coal Mill

    phenomenon of high temperature of bearing bush is the Common Problem of Coal Mill, and long-term high temperature will lead to the damage of bearing structure. Therefore, we must take reasonable measures to reduce the bearing temperature. In order to ensure long-term stable operation of Coal Mill, Shanghai Clirik decided to analyze the reason and find out the reasonable solution.
    Through the analysis of the equipment, we found that the main reason for bearing temperature is: Oil mass on oil ring rotating belt is too large. In the lower part of the contact surface can not form a certain thickness of the oil film. Oil shortage causes the high temperature of bearing;the bearing box is close to the motor body. When lubricant temperature rises, the heat of lubricating oil can not be distributed through the bearing box, which causes an increase in the temperature of bearing bush.

    Coal Mill

    Solution of high temperature of bearing bush in Coal Mill

    1.using scraping research methods to increase tile size so that package angle of bearing bush is reduced to 45 degrees.
    2.grinding the spherical in bearing housings and wear parts of the ball back. And rational allocate bearing and bearing seat to ensure that bearing in the bearing seat is adjusted freely.
    3.increase the average ball diameter. Increase the weight of 60mm ball from 4t to 6.6t.

    4.improve the speed of the zipper, change the number of small sprocket teeth from the original 17 to 21. Zipper conveyor speed is increased, finished product in the dust collector is timely discharged, and the system ventilation will be balanced.
    5.increase the circulating cooling device outside the bearing, which can effectively improve the heat release, increase the quality of lubricating oil.

    After the technological transformation, the total load of the coal mill increased from the original 72t to 74.6t, and the output is increased from the original maximum 38t/h to normal 45t/h.The transformation has the characteristics of small investment, short time, and obvious effect. The work of Coal Mill has been very normal so far, has brought considerable economic benefits for the enterprise.

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