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How to Develop Safe, Clean Pneumatic Conveying Equipment?Posted: 2016-09-18

  • How to develop safe, clean pneumatic conveying equipment?

    1.Most important thing to prevent the residues of materials transportation in the pipe, and avoid cross-contamination is, controlling wind speed in horizontal pipe, making it greater than the speed of the material suspension. At the same time to shorten the length of the horizontal pipe section.With regard to cohesiveness and strong hygroscopic materials, you should do heat preservation processing for pipeline. Also consider these issues: pipe can be cleaned, a device for measuring the parameters of the wind network should be equipped in appropriate position of the riser, and the energy can be recycled and so on.

    2.Most of the discharger using centrifugal backspin type. Size and structure of discharge device is properly designed. Select the appropriate output matching air-lock valve, and so on.

    pneumatic conveying equipment

    3.In pneumatic conveying systems, it is inevitably produce dust. Long-term system of dust can cause a vicious cycle in the work, as well as affect the work of the host.While the system gas emissions must also comply with requirements of environmental and labor protection, so dedusting is an indispensable part of a perfect pneumatic conveying system. In the structural design, using New anti-adhesion filter material makes dust of each batch of material can effectively removed after the batch delivery is completed. It achieve the recycling of dust.

    In summary, Using pneumatic conveying equipment can improve the efficiency of material transport, improve the working environment and make it safe, clean. In addition, it can reduce the intensity of production, improve the level of mechanization, and so on.

    Pneumatic conveying technology will become the trend of powder production at home and abroad.

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