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Honor Won by Clirik via Continuous InnovationPosted: 2016-09-08

  • Previously, we have talk about how continuous innovation bestows Clirik great glory. In this part, we will carry on this topic and dig more out about it.

    Years ago, Clirik has became a famous enterprise for its high quality grinding mill which was said to has the service life outracing 10 years without any breakdown with proper maintenance. By the way, routine maintenance costs little money and little time, maybe 100 dollars or few days. This means after the customer bought the grinding mill, the period in succession is purely for generating profits.

    About three years ago, a poor peasant in ragged clothes in Henan Province in China went in Clirik with all his money borrowed from his relatives and friends, then went out with a brand new grinding mill. Three years later, by now, he drives his brand new Benz car around the world with dashing clothes. That is the amazing but realistic thing happening everyday. They need no technology, no knowledge, no experience and no strength but only need a push of button to the grinding mill, then banknote comes to fill up the bag of their pants. This is the tales of creating wealth of many Chinese grinding mill owner. At first, plain stone lying on their homeland meant nothing, when it met the grinding mill manufactured by Clirik , it becomes gold which changed the life of millions of ordinary people.

    HGM grinding mill

    Sorry to deviate from the main theme but it is a valuable story containing much information to many friends who want to be rich in the near future, so the author insist narrating it out. Back to the topic, the innovation of Clirik. As to the innovation in Clirik, we have to divide it into two parts, which includes technology innovation and management innovation. In the previous articles we have take the four-ring roller mill as an example in technology innovation and SSM by Mr Zhang as an example in management innovation. That is just one drop of water compared to the ocean of Clirik innovation. Let’s go on to talk about it.

    Literally, Clirik has publish three hit products including the four-ring roller mill. Every hit product does hit the grinding mill market. So what is the other two hits? There might be no need to say it out because everyone in China knows it, however considering our for
    foreign friends, we have to reveal it is HGM 168 grinding mill, a popular grinding mill which no powder maker can resist.

    HGM 168 grinding mill looks cumbersome from outside, nevertheless, it is ingenious inside. Clirik research and development department regard this machine the apple of their eyes. After the birth of their beloved daughter HGM 168 grinding mill, customer of Clirik came in greater number for consulting, investigating,selecting and buying. The floor of the drawing room of Clirik has sunken for one inch those days for too many visitor. Before the ends of September after its birth in June, 278 sets of HGM 168 has been sold out day and night. Many customers complained, why your delivery time is so long and the products are so little, your company are driving us crazy, we need HGM 168 grinding mill now!


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