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Limestone Grinding Mill and Calcite Grinding MillPosted: 2016-08-23

  • Some customers of ours ask that, is there any difference between Limestone Grinding Mill and Calcite Grinding Mil. Let’s talk about this question in this article.

    Nature of Limestone and Calcite

    You know, choosing Grinding Mill should depend on the nature of the material. Let’s see the nature of Limestone and Calcite.

    Main component of limestone is Calcium carbonate. Lime and limestone is used as building materials, industrial raw materials largely. Limestone can be directly processed into building stones or fired into the quick lime. Adding water into quick lime, we get slaked lime. Slaked lime can be used as coating materials, brick and tile adhesive.
    Calcite is the most natural calcium carbonate mineral. It is widely distributed and is granular, block, fibrous, stalactite, soil, and so on. If we tap calcite, we can get a lot of square pieces. So it is called Calcite.

    Limestone Grinding Mill

    Limestone Grinding Mill and Calcite Grinding Mill

    Accoding to the nature of Limestone and Calcite, we have known the two materials briefly. One important point is hardness of them. It is the most important influencing factor of Grinding Mill type. Density of limestone is 2.94g/cm3, and Moh's hardness is 3.5-4;Density of Calcite is 2.6~2.9g/cm3, and Moh's hardness is 3.So same grinding mill for Calcite is OK, but for limestone will has a problem that wearing parts are easy to wear.

    Shanghai Clirik Machinery have designed different grinding mills for different materials to help users get maximum output and efficiency. Only keep improving, we can be better in milling industry.
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