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Vertical Roll Mill’s Routine MaintenancePosted: 2016-06-27

  • If you are engaged in the mining industry for years, you’ll know that it’s not sure that a high-quality machine will have longer service life. Why? You know, because the routine maintenance of machine is significant. For example, Vertical Roll Mill. Only we do routine maintenance of Vertical Roll Mill strictly, can the machine will work in the best situation. During the operation process of machine, the external force will lead to faults. Therefore, today I will talk the routine maintenance of Vertical roll crusher with you.

    Vertical Roll Mill

    First, bearing of Vertical roll Mill sustains all the load of machine, so the better lubrication has good influence on the service life and running rate of bearing. Therefore, the lubrication oil injected in Vertical Roll Mill must be clean and sealed to keep a good lubrication condition.
    Second, The tire of Vertical Roll Mill new installed is loose in general. We had better to check it frequently. Pay attention to check the attrition rate of vulnerable parts of Vertical Roll Mill, and start to change the vulnerable parts at any time.
    Third, In order to guarantee the normal operation of Vertical Roll Mill, we need to check the temperature of lubrication oil. If the temperature higher, we should stop the machine immediately and find out the reason, then eliminate the unfavorable condition.

    If there is impulsive sound in Vertical Roll Mill when the transmitting gear is in operation, we should stop the machine and eliminate the trouble.
    This is Vertical Roll Mill’s Routine Maintenance, if you need our help, plese connect with me.

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